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Caregiver support

VA Western New York health care offers a number of services to support you and the Veteran you care for. Ask a caregiver support coordinator to help you find what you need, whether it's in-home help, someone to listen, or anything in between. Programs


Connect with the Caregiver Support Team


VA WNY Care Giver Support link email:


What is the Program of General Caregiver Support Services? (PGCSS)

PGCSS provides peer support mentoring, skills training, coaching, telephone support, online programs, and referrals to available resources to caregivers of Veterans. The Veteran must be enrolled in Veterans Affairs (VA) health care and be receiving care from a caregiver in order for the caregiver to participate. Caregivers who participate, do not need to be a relative or live with the Veteran.

What is the Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers? (PCAFC)

PCAFC offers enhanced clinical support and services for caregivers of eligible Veterans who have a serious injury (or illness) and require in-person personal care services among other requirements. 

Care we provide at VA Western New York health care

If you are a caregiver for a Veteran, you can get support by contacting a VA Western New York caregiver support coordinator. Some of the things we can help with: 

  • Matching you with services and benefits 
  • Connecting you with local resources and programs   

Annie- Is VA’s text messaging service that promotes self-care.

Building Better Caregivers- Being a caregiver is hard….building better caregivers offers workshops, online and at your convenience.  Workshops for whatever you are facing; stress, fatigue, behaviors and more.

Resources For Enhancing All Caregivers’ Health (REACH) - Caregivers participate in four sessions, with a certified leader, covering education about their Veterans injury/illness; learning and practicing problem-solving skills,  and stress management techniques.

Caregivers Finding Important Resources, Support, and Training (FIRST) is a caregiving skills group.  The goal of Caregivers first is to connect caregivers to other resources, and with each other, to help increase skill, confidence and feel supported in the caregiving role.

Caregiver Health & Wellbeing Coaching- You, the caregiver, and a member of your local CSP team trained in Caregiver Health and Wellbeing Coaching, will partner to implement a plan to enhance your overall physical, emotional, and mental health.


VA Caregiver Support Line 

The Caregiver Support Line is also available if you need support outside of the Western New York health care region, have questions about caregiver support services nationwide, or just need someone to listen right now.

Caregiver Support Line Monthly Telephone Education Series

Phone: 855-260-3274

- Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. ET
- Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET