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Pharmacy Residency Program

The Wilkes-Barre VAMC Pharmacy Practice Residency Program information.

The Wilkes-Barre VAMC Pharmacy Practice Residency Program is a 12-Month Program

Residency Program Code: 129513 

Pharmacy residency application

Pharmacy residency curriculum

Pharmacy preceptors

Pharmacy residency learning experiences

Current Wilkes-Barre VA pharmacy residents

    Program description

    • Number of positions: 4
    • Application deadline: received by January 1st
    • Starting date: July 1st
    • Estimated stipend: $41,742
    • Interview Required: Yes
    • Benefits: affordable health, dental, and liability insurance, 11 holidays, 13 days of annual leave and 13 sick days


    PGY1 pharmacy residency programs build on Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) education and outcomes to contribute to the development of clinical pharmacists responsible for medication-related care of patients with a wide range of conditions, eligible for board certification, and eligible for postgraduate year two (PGY2) pharmacy residency training.

    Intended competencies as Required by "ASHP Accreditation Standard for Postgraduate Year One Pharmacy Residency Programs"

    Competency area R1: patient care

    • Goal R1.1: In collaboration with the health care team, provide safe and effective patient care to a diverse range of patients, including those with multiple co-morbidities, high-risk medication regimens, and multiple medications following a consistent patient care process.
    • Goal R1.2: Ensure continuity of care during patient transitions between care settings.
    • Goal R1.3: Prepare, dispense, and manage medications to support safe and effective drug therapy for patients.

    Competency area R2: advancing practice and improving patient care

    • Goal R2.1: Demonstrate ability to manage formulary and medication-use processes, as applicable to the organization.
    • Goal R2.2: Demonstrate ability to evaluate and investigate practice, review data, and assimilate scientific evidence to improve patient care and/or the medication use system.

    Competency area R3: leadership and management

    • Goal R3.1: Demonstrate leadership skills.
    • Goal R3.2: Demonstrate management skills.

    Competency area R4: teaching, education, and dissemination of knowledge

    • Goal R4.1: Provide effective medication and practice-related education to patients, caregivers, health care professionals, students, and the public (individuals and groups).
    • Goal R4.2: Effectively employ appropriate preceptors' roles when engaged in teaching (e.g., students, pharmacy technicians, or other health care professionals).