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Find phone numbers and contact information at VA Altoona Healthcare System for frequently requested services like patient advocates, medical records, billing and insurance, and more.

Patient help and resources

Need help? Contact a patient advocate

If you need help getting care or resolving an issue with VA, get help from one of our trained patient advocates.

VISN 4 RN clinical contact center

If you have an urgent medical or mental health question, we have nurses ready to help. Call a VISN 4 triage nurse at 1 (833) TELE-URGENT (1 (833) 835-3874). Available 24 hours a day.

Medical records office

Access your medical records online or request a copy of your records from our Release of Information office.

Billing and insurance

Pay your VA Altoona health care bill online, by phone, mail, or in person. You can also raise issues or address billing disputes.


Find out how to refill your prescriptions, where to pick up new prescription orders, and how to safely dispose of your medicines.

Phone directory and mailing address

Find phone numbers for many of the administrative and program offices at VA Altoona  health care.

Mailing address

VA Altoona Healthcare System
2907 Pleasant Valley Blvd
Altoona, PA 16602

Main phone numbers

Local: (814) 943-8164
Toll-free: (877) 626-2500

To use TeleTYpe for the Deaf (TTY) services: dial 711.

A – F

Acute & Long Term Care

(877) 626-2500 ext.18107

Associate Director for Patient Care Service

(877) 626-2500 ext.14599

Associate Director

(877) 626-2500 ext.17037


(877) 626-2500 ext.14456

Central Registration

(877) 626-2500 ext.17565

Chaplain Service

(877) 626-2500 ext.17140

Chief of Staff

(877) 626-2500 ext.17472

Community Based Outpatient Clinics

Dubois - (877) 626-2500 ext.25153
Johnstown/Indiana - (877) 626-2500 ext.35014
Huntingdon/State College - (877) 626-2500 ext.15266

Community Care

(877) 626-2500 ext.17777

Community Living Center

(877) 626-2500 ext.17024

Connected Care

(877) 626-2500 ext.14272 or ext.18529

Director's Office

(877) 626-2500 ext.17031

G – M

Home Based Primary Care

(877) 626-2500 ext.17491 or ext.14909

Home Telehealth

(877) 626-2500 ext.18105

Hospital Based Outpatient Clinics

(877) 626-2500 ext.17491


(877) 626-2500 ext.17156

Medicine, Geriatrics, and PM&RS

(877) 626-2500 ext.17500
PM&RS - (877) 626-2500 ext.17124

Mental Health

(877) 626-2500 or  


(877) 626-2500 ext.17146

N – Z


(877) 626-2500 ext.17491 or ext.14909

Pathology & Laboratory 

(877) 626-2500 ext.17090

Patient Advocate

(877) 626-2500 ext.14785 or ext.14354


(877) 626-2500 ext.14153


(877) 626-2500 ext.17059

Primary Care

(877) 626-2500 ext.18100


(877) 626-2500 ext.18190

Public Affairs Office

(877) 626-2500 ext.16992

Recreation Therapy

(877) 626-2500 ext.17158

Release of Information

(877) 626-2500 ext.14870

Surgical and Specialty Care

(877) 626-2500 ext.17491 or ext.14909

Urgent Care Clinic & Medical Unit 4

(877) 626-2500 ext.17024

Veterans Transportation Program

(877) 626-2500 ext.14899

Voluntary Services

(877) 626-2500 ext.17141

Women Veterans Health Program

(877) 626-2500 ext.18155


Media and press

The Office of Public Affairs can assist local media with queries, interview requests, and expert information about the VA Altoona Health System.

Phone: (814) 943-8164 ext. 14842

After hours or on weekends, call the operator at (877) 626-2500 and ask for the administrator on duty. 

Submit a FOIA request

Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), you have a right to federal agency records unless those records are protected from disclosure by specific exemptions or exclusions laid out in law.

Requesting records maintained by VA Altoona


James E. Van Zandt VA Medical Center
Release of Information
2907 Pleasant Valley Blvd.
Altoona, PA 16602

For questions about your request to VA Altoona

Phone: (814) 940-6384

Additional FOIA request information

Report an issue

Give us website feedback

To report a technical issue or give us feedback about this site, email our web team at

Report suspected fraud or mismanagement

Contact the VA Office of the Inspector General (VAOIG) to report suspected criminal activity, fraud, inadequate patient care, or mismanagement of VA programs or government resources.

Phone: (800) 488-8244

VA Inspector General Hotline (53e)
810 Vermont Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20420

Learn more about the VA OIG hotline

Report patient care or safety issues

The Joint Commission encourages anyone who has concerns or complaints about the safety and/or quality of care to bring those concerns or complaints first to the attention of the hospital’s management, which may lead to an immediate resolution of the matter.

The Joint Commission will maintain your name as confidential information and forbids accredited hospitals from taking retaliatory actions against employees for having reported quality of care concerns to The Joint Commission.

Submit a complaint online:
Phone: (800) 994-6610

Office of Quality and Patient Safety
The Joint Commission
One Renaissance Boulevard
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181