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Participating in Research Studies

Information to Participate in Research

I am interested in Clinical Research at the Atlanta VA. How can I get more information?

Take a look at our clinical trials*. Here you can find projects that are currently seeking volunteers as well as contact information.

What is MVP and how can I participate?

The Atlanta VA is a recruiting site for the nationwide Million Veterans Program (MVP), a research study that is open to all veteran users of the VA healthcare system. The project involves a one-time visit with a research coordinator, filling out questionnaires at home, and providing a blood sample. Researchers will use the questionnaire data, information from the veteran’s electronic medical record, and genetic testing on the blood sample to study causes of disease in veterans. The Atlanta VA contact for the study is Vidisha Tanukonda and the Atlanta VA site principal investigator is Peter Wilson, MD.  For more information, please call the Million Veterans Program staff toll-free at 866-441-6075. 

How can I learn more about what it means to participate in VA research?