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Sexual Assault Awareness-Wear Denim Day April 27

Denim Day

Join your colleagues in raising awareness for sexual assault prevention by wearing jeans on April 27, 2022.

Denim Day is a long-running grassroots, sexual violence awareness and education campaign that is recognized annually on the last Wednesday in April during Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. It brings awareness to victim-blaming and destructive misconceptions that surround sexual violence. VA supports survivors of sexual violence, regardless of when and where the incident has occurred. VA is dedicated to fostering an environment where sexual harassment and sexual assault are never tolerated or condoned, and where people who experience sexual harassment or sexual assault feel heard. VA is committed to ensuring that its community is safe, welcoming, and free of sexual harassment and sexual assault for all employees, Veterans, their caregivers, volunteers, and visitors. Observing Denim Day as part of VA’s Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month activities is an opportunity for the VA community to demonstrate this support and commitment. 

How can I show my support on Denim Day?

Veterans and Employees can show their support on Denim Day by wearing denim as a visible, symbolic way to reject misconceptions that surround sexual harassment, sexual assault, and domestic violence. Educate others on why you are wearing denim that day. Submit a picture of yourself and your colleagues in your denim to your public affairs office for posting on your facility’s social media platforms and/or website using #WhiteRibbonVA, #HarassmentFreeVA, and #HOPEAfterSexualAssault. In addition, Denim Day is a great opportunity to take the White Ribbon VA pledge, if you haven’t already. The pledge demonstrates your dedication to VA’s zero tolerance for sexual harassment, sexual assault, and domestic violence and survivors everywhere.

There are many ways to raise awareness and demonstrate your support for sexual violence survivors:
• Stand in solidarity with thousands of others and take the White Ribbon VA pledge:
o “I, (your name), pledge to never commit, excuse or stay silent about sexual harassment, sexual assault or domestic violence against others.”
o Access this link to document your commitment:
• Participate in the Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month events that your facility is holding, which may include a White Ribbon VA event or pledge ceremony and/or events specific to different types of sexual violence, such as military sexual trauma (MST) or intimate partner violence (IPV).
• Visit the VHA Assault and Harassment Prevention and Response (AHPO), Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Program (IPVAP), and MST websites for more support and educational information: