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Explore Charleston VA's diverse program offerings, which include patient health care, cutting-edge clinical research, and other specialties.

Chick on any of the drop downs below to learn more about the many programs that the Charleston VA Health Care System has to offer!


Fisher House Program

The Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center Fisher House is a beautiful home away from home for the families of Veterans receiving care at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Health Care System. The Fisher House provides temporary lodging in a comfortable and relaxed setting, only a few blocks away from the medical facility. Guests can stay at the Fisher House at no cost for as long as their loved one is hospitalized.

Learn more about our Fisher House program.

The Medical Foster Home Program

When living at home becomes difficult, most people would rather remain in a home-like setting than move to a nursing home. MFH, through partnering with Home Based Primary Care (HBPC) provides an alternative to nursing home placement. It provides an alternative to a Veteran who may be chronically or terminally ill with limited social support by offering a home and family setting for their long-term care needs. It is 24- hour supervision, protection, and personal care in addition to room and board with one-on-one attention provided in a family setting.

Learn more about our Medical Foster Home program.

The DAISY Award Program

The DAISY Award is an international program that rewards and celebrates the extraordinary clinical skill and compassionate care given by nurses everyday. The Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center is proud to be a DAISY Award Partner, recognizing our selected nurses with this special honor each quarter.

Learn more about our DAISY Award program.

Opportunities For Our Veterans

The Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical System is proud of the opportunities that are offered through the VA and surrounding organizations.  To learn more about the Opportunities to our Veterans Click here.

Spinal cord injuries and disorders

If you have a spinal cord injury or disorder, our specialists provide coordinated care throughout your life. We work to help you achieve your goals for independence, productivity and quality of life. To learn more click here.

Innovation week

At Ralph H. Johnson VA Health Care System we believes employees are the driving force of the VA and we prioritize cultivating environments that let innovation flourish, an essential component for propelling healthcare into the future. We firmly stand by the power of innovation in healthcare and its ability to change Veteran lives for the better. Come join us, April 8, 2024, to April 12, 2024, as we host an inspiring week to celebrate our innovative culture through a variety of session and events. To see more visit our page here.

Whole Health

Visit us here to explore our whole health page.

Next Level App

Next Level personalizes the engagement experience for the individual Veteran, providing them with a catered experience for their health journey. The app constantly checks whether a risk (of any chronic condition that the patient is dealing with) is trending up, staying flat, or sloping downward. Learn more here: