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Explore Cheyenne VA's diverse program offerings, which include patient health care, cutting-edge clinical research, and other specialties.

Caregiver support

Ask a caregiver support coordinator to help you find what you need, whether it's in-home help, someone to listen, or anything in between.

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Chaplain services

VA Cheyenne Healthcare System's chaplains serve people of all faiths and denominations as well as Veterans and their families looking for non-denominational support. They are here to listen and offer spiritual and emotional support as you struggle with tough questions and ethical decisions. Our interfaith chapel offers space for quiet reflection and scheduled services.

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Community Care

VA provides care to Veterans through community providers when VA cannot provide the care needed. Community care is based on specific eligibility requirements, availability of VA care, and the needs and circumstances of individual Veterans.

DAV Vans: transportation for Veterans

The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) provides free van rides to and from VA Cheyenne health care facilities at Cheyenne, WY, to Veterans who don’t have other transportation options. Find out how to schedule a DAV van ride.

Learn more about DAV Vans: transportation for Veterans

Homeless Veteran care

If you are a Veteran who is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless due to financial hardship, unemployment, addiction, depression, or transition from jail, VA Cheyenne health care can help you. Contact a homeless services care coordinator to get help.

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Mental health care

VA Cheyenne health care operates a comprehensive behavioral health program. We are a regional center of excellence for Veteran-focused mental health care. Ask a care coordinator about treatment options suited to your unique needs.

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Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Residency Program

The Cheyenne VA Healthcare System Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Residency Program is designed to offer licensed physical therapists an opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills in orthopaedic specialty practice.

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Patient advocates

Your patient advocates at VA Cheyenne health care are equipped to help you to resolve challenges and improve your health care experience.

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Find out how to refill your prescriptions, where to pick up new prescription orders, and how to safely dispose of your medicines at a VA Cheyenne health care facility.

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Returning service member care

VA Cheyenne health care provides health care and other benefits to the newest Veterans returning from service, even if you are still on active duty or an activated member of the National Guard or Reserve. Talk to a care coordinator about making use of your health care benefits.

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Suicide prevention

If you're a Veteran who is thinking of hurting yourself—or you know a Veteran who’s considering this—we can help. Our VA Cheyenne health care suicide prevention coordinators can get you the support you need. They work with our behavioral health providers and community organizations to assist Veterans who are managing emotional or mental health crises.

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Volunteer or donate

You can make a difference when you volunteer at or donate to the VA Cheyenne Healthcare System.

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