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Explore Chicago VA's diverse program offerings, which include patient health care, cutting-edge clinical research, and other specialties.

Jesse Brown VA Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19 (Long COVID) Program

The goal of the Jesse Brown Long COVID clinic is to provide individualized care from multiple disciplines to Veterans experiencing prolonged impaired function due to new or worsening symptoms related to COVID-19 illness lasting more than 12 weeks in duration. The ultimate goal is to improve symptom severity and quality of life in our Veteran patients.

Learn more about the Long COVID program 

Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Program

The VA Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Program (IPVAP) is committed to helping Veterans, their partners, and also VA staff who are impacted by Intimate Partner Violence. If you or someone you know could be experiencing and/or using IPV – help is available.

Learn more about the IPV Assistance program