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The new Dearborn Clinic is located at 131 Campus Drive, Lawrenceburg, IN, 47025. Veterans with existing appointments at the Dearborn Clinic should report to this new address. The new phone number for the Dearborn outpatient clinic is, (812)539-2313.

The PACT Act

On March 5, 2024, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) launched the largest expansion of VA healthcare eligibility under VA’s PACT Act Section 103 that now offers making all Veterans who meet the basic service and discharge requirements and were exposed to toxins while serving our country eligible to enroll directly in VA healthcare.

Don’t miss this opportunity: Call the Cincinnati VA Eligibility Office today at to speak with our eligibility staff about enrolling in VA healthcare and join the 40,000 Veterans who use and trust the Cincinnati VA with their healthcare.

VA provides the best and most affordable health care for Veterans in America, and this is your chance to apply. Veterans who are enrolled in VA health care are proven to have better health outcomes than those who get their care elsewhere. And this year alone, VA has beaten non-VA hospitals in quality ratings and patient satisfaction ratings. That’s because our clinicians know Veterans—and are often Veterans themselves—and they know exactly how to help.

Who can enroll?

  • All Veterans who served in the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other combat zone after 9/11. You can enroll.
  • Veterans who were exposed to toxins or other hazards during military service; you can enroll.
  • Veterans who were assigned to certain duty stations in Southwest Asia or parts of Africa; you can enroll.
  • Veterans who deployed in support of certain operations after 9/11. You can enroll.
  • If you served in Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq or Afghanistan, you can enroll.
  • If you deployed to any combat zone after 9/11, you can enroll.
  • If you deployed in support of the Global War on Terror, you can enroll.
  • Additionally, Veterans who never deployed but were exposed to toxins or hazards while training or on active duty in the United States will also be eligible to enroll.
  • And even if you never deployed but were exposed to toxins or hazards while training or serving on active duty here at home—by working with chemicals, pesticides, lead, asbestos, certain paints, nuclear weapons, x-rays, and more—you can enroll, too.

What are the minimum active-duty service requirements?

In general, Veterans must have served 24 months of continuous active duty or the full period for which they were called or ordered to active duty. Former members of the Reserves or National Guard are eligible for VA health care if they have qualifying service (as described above) and meet one of the health care eligibility requirements in the PACT Act. Former members of the Reserves or National Guard who only served for training purposes may not be able to establish Veteran status if they did not incur a qualifying disability during such training. 

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