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Medical Foster Home Program

Medical Foster Home (MFH) is a voluntary long-term care placement option for eligible Veterans who are no longer able to safely live on their own. MFH partners with community-based individuals who are willing to serve as caregivers and open their private residence to Veterans. The caregiver ensures 24-hour supervision, protection and personal care in addition to room and board with one-on-one attention provided in a family setting.

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Medical Foster Home Benefits

  • Maintains the Veteran in a safe / therapeutic environment

  • Provides an alternative to living alone

  • Provides long term care in a home setting, including end of life care
  • Offers personalized and customized care in a home setting
  • Offers assisted living that is affordable to the Veteran
  • Meets the increasing demand for long term care services
  • Provides support through Home Based Primary Care

Medical Foster Home Environment

  • Private rooms

  • Home-like environment
  • Flexibility and choice
  • 24-hour supervision
  • Stable and safe home setting
  • Safeguards against abuse
  • Socialization and recreation
  • Personalized care
  • Medication management
  • Assistance with transportation
  • Signed contract between caregiver and Veteran

Criteria for Caregivers

  • Caregiver must own or rent the home
  • Location of home must be caregivers physical place of residence
  • Caregiver must have relief caregivers readily available to provide 24/7care or supervision
  • Bedrooms for Caregiver and Veteran must be on main level of residence
  • Maintain pleasant and home-like atmosphere
  • Complete criminal background check
  • Demonstrate financial stability
  • Provide hands-on care to Veterans with high-level care needs through the support and education of Home Based Primary Care.
  • Agree to unannounced visits to home by MFH Coordinator to ensure the health and safety of Veterans living in the home, consistent with VA standards.
  • Complete screening, application and interview with the Medical Foster Home Program Coordinator

Admission Eligibility for Veterans

  • Enrolled in VA Health Care System
  • Can no longer live independently and has no available caregiver
  • Meet Nursing Home level of care
  • Agree to Medical Foster Home and Home-Based Primary Care enrollment
  • Agree to comply with house rules
  • Financial resources to cover monthly costs

MFH Rates

Medical Foster Homes are paid for by the Veteran. The rate is based on the Veteran’s daily needs and negotiated between the Veteran, or responsible party, and an MFH caregiver prior to moving in. This process is overseen by the MFH Program Coordinator.

MFH Coverage Areas

  • Anderson*
  • Columbia
  • Florence
  • Greenville*
  • Orangeburg
  • Rock Hill*
  • Spartanburg*
  • Sumter

Active Recruitment
*Future expansion opportunities 

Connect with MFH Program Coordinator

Toya Charles

Toya Charles

Medical Foster Home Program Coordinator

VA Columbia South Carolina health care



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Admin Number – (843) 637-7321
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