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Learn what the PACT Act means for your VA benefits


Our optometrists offer you routine eye exams, preventive vision testing and treatment for conditions like glaucoma. We also provide prescriptions for eyeglasses and other assistive devices.

Care we provide at VA Eastern Colorado health care

Our optometrists provide many eye-related services and treatments like:

  • Vision services and eye exams
  • Treatment for diseases and injuries of the retina, cornea, and other parts of your eye
  • Low-vision services for conditions like macular degeneration that can’t be corrected by glasses, surgery, or medication
  • Special eye exams for diabetic patients

More information about VA vision care

Change to VA Eastern Colorado Healthcare System eyeglass program

Effective Feb. 1, 2021, the VA Eastern Colorado Healthcare System eyeglass program will be providing eyeglasses through our VISN contracted eyeglass vendor and no longer able to offer the $325 payment towards a pair of eyeglasses.

This change, however, will not impact your ability to pick out your eyeglasses at a location within the community. Over 100 of our community providers have volunteered to display the VA’s frame selection in their offices all over the State in an effort to provide these services at a location close to your home and in the same location as where you would receive your VA eye exam.

Not every eye exam vendor has signed up to offer a display kit in their office however the majority have. A list of the locations that will carry the VA-frames will be available when you call to schedule your appointment and you can request to be scheduled at one of these locations if you prefer. There are 89 frame options to choose from in this new program, and single vision, bifocals, trifocal, and progressives will be available. Lens options that are available should you have medical need include transitions, UV protection, polarization, and anti-reflection.

These eyeglasses will be provided to our Veterans at no charge regardless of any add-ons that have been recommended by the Optometrist. As a reminder, Veterans are eligible for one eye exam and one pair of glasses per year from the VA.

VA Eastern Colorado Healthcare System eyeglass program FAQs

Why did this change happen?

Prior to late 2017, VA Eastern Colorado Healthcare System  facilities were utilizing the VISN-level eyeglass contract to purchase eyeglasses for all Veterans, and this is the same program that we are transitioning back to starting February 1. At the end of 2017, VA Eastern Colorado Healthcare System  facilities removed optometry services which eliminated the ability to continue to provide Veterans with eyeglasses through the eyeglass contract.

The $325 eyeglass “voucher” program was established for VA Eastern Colorado Healthcare System Veterans as a temporary way to purchase eyeglasses from community providers to ensure that our Veterans did not go without eyeglasses. Although this was necessary to ensure our Veterans’ eyeglass needs were addressed, our health care system had to find a way to begin using the contracted eyeglass vendor again so that the VA Eastern Colorado Healthcare System  facilities are compliant with the contract in place which is in-line with the eyeglasses that the rest of America’s VA sites provide.

Where can I get my eyeglasses now?

We currently have more than 120 community vendors who will have the VA eyeglass display kits in their locations. These vendors are also eye exam providers for the VA so if you are scheduled, or request to be scheduled, with an Optometrist that has a display kit at their location you will be able to get your eye exam and select your eyeglasses in the same visit.

If you are scheduled for an eye exam at a location that doesn’t have an eyeglass display kit, you can visit any of the locations in the community that has the display kit at their location. A list of locations can be provided by calling VA Prosthetics at 303-283-5303, emailing .

Do I need an authorization letter before picking my eyeglasses?

No. Your eye exam provider will give you a copy of your prescription and you can pick out your eyeglasses that same day. The VA eyeglass display kit will often be in the same location you are already at for your eye exam and you can proceed from your exam to eyeglass selection in the same visit.

How many options will I have to choose from?

There are 89 frames to choose of varying styles and materials – plastic, metal, and even titanium options. There are also multiple lens materials including Trivex and Hi-Index options. Whether you need single vision, bifocals, trifocals, or progressives – the VA eyeglass program has you covered! All eyeglasses come with UV coating and scratch-resistant lenses. If your provider feels the health of your eyes or your medical needs would require any type of specialty add-ons such as transitions and anti-reflection, those are available to be added to your eyeglasses as well.

Do I have to pay anything for these eyeglasses?

No. The eyeglasses provided through the VA eyeglass display kits will not cost you anything, regardless of the options that are added.

How will I get my eyeglasses?

After picking out your eyeglasses at one of the community vendors that carries a VA eyeglass display kit, your complete pair of eyeglasses will be mailed to you within 14 business days of placing your order.

What if my eyeglasses need adjustments after I receive them?

If your eyeglasses require any adjustments for fit, you can return to the community vendor who assisted you with your eyeglass order and they will complete the final fitting adjustments for you at no cost.

What if I don’t like any of the eyeglass options in from the frames there are to choose from?

The VA has done its best to provide multiple options to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences with the frame options available. In fact, many of the eyeglass frames that are available through the VA eyeglass display kit can be found in the displays of optical shops already. If you prefer eyeglasses that are not from the VA eyeglass display kit, you would have to purchase that pair of glasses with your own funds 100% out-of-pocket. There would be no reimbursement or payment from the VA for that pair of glasses.

The location where I had my eye exam does not carry the VA eyeglass display kit and is trying to sell me eyeglasses. Do I have to buy eyeglasses from them?

No. The VA provides you free eyeglasses if you visit one of the many community vendors who have volunteered their space to assist Veterans in getting their free pair of eyeglasses from the selection of VA-provided eyeglass options. You are welcome to purchase any eyeglasses that you choose should you not find any that appeal to you from the VA-provided eyeglasses at your cost, however you do not have to purchase eyeglasses from the provider you saw for your eye exam if the only reason you would be doing so was because they do not have a VA eyeglass display kit at their location. Visit one of the other community optical shops on our vendor list to pick out the eyeglasses that will be provided to you at no cost.

How often can I get new eyeglasses?

The VA’s policy on eyeglass purchases is to provide Veterans with a new pair of eyeglasses once in every 12-month period. There are some exceptions to this if significant changes to your eyeglass prescription occur during that 12-month period. This aligns with the eye exam policy so as you are eligible for an eye exam you would also be eligible for a new pair of eyeglasses.

What happens if my eyeglasses break or are lost before I am eligible for a new pair?

Please contact the VA Prosthetics service at 303-283-5303 or by email at in this instance. We will be able to have your glasses repaired, if possible, or be able to re-order the exact pair of glasses that were lost or broken. The community provider can assist with fitting once you receive the new pair if needed, however they cannot assist with ordering a replacement pair in this scenario as everything will need to be processed through VA Prosthetics.

I placed an order with a community eyeglass provider for eyeglasses prior to Feb. 1, 2021 and haven’t received my eyeglasses yet. Will my order still be processed?

Yes. As long as you are eligible for eyeglasses, all orders received on or before Jan. 31, 2021 will be processed and paid to the community eyeglass vendor.

Who would I contact if I have any questions about the eyeglass program?

The Prosthetics service is available to answer your questions either by phone at 303-283-5303 or through email at .