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Learn what the PACT Act means for your VA benefits

Veterans Experience Action Center (VEAC)

Attend the Kentucky VEAC event for 1-on-1 help on VA benefits and services!

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The Kentucky VEAC event will be held June 27-29, 2023 for 1-on-1 help on VA benefits and services.

Learn more about VEACs!

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  • All Veterans
  • Service members
  • Family members and caregivers

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Join the conversation in the Kentucky VetXL event chat!

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Veterans Experience Action Centers Overview

1:55 minutes • December 5, 2022

Veterans Experience Action Centers (VEAC) bring together VA, state, local, and non-profit resources for Veterans and their families to offer virtual 1-on-1 personalized assistance with benefits and services. This video explains how the VEAC works and what can participants expect during the event. Learn more at


Looking to attend a VEAC or VetXL Event?

Throughout the year, VA and our partners will host VEACs and VetXLs across the country. Both events are supported by state specific partners to ensure local resources are available. Please only register for the VEAC and VetXL in your state. Check back soon to see where we're headed next!

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Veterans Experience Action Centers helps thousands

Read stories below.

Veteran salutes the American flag

Virginia Veteran resources, benefits event made “life-changing” difference

The VEAC brings together VA benefits, healthcare and other resources in partnership with state VA resources, Rally Point and other Veteran Service Organizations, and local Community Veterans Engagement Boards, or CVEBs. This holistic approach to addressing Veterans’ needs where they live has shown remarkable results.

Two Veterans

Virtual Events Offer Tangible Results

“It’s really good,” said Amerfino Aquipel, Veteran and Greater Los Angeles Area V-VEAC participant. “I contacted VA 15 years ago and never received this kind of service. I was guided where I needed to be the whole time. Being able to talk to someone made the difference instead of writing a letter and not knowing where to turn. I didn’t feel lost anymore. This is a great service, and now I have someone representing my claim.”

Downloadable resources

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The VA Welcome Kit can help guide you to the benefits and services you’ve earned.

VA Welcome Kit

The VA Welcome Kit can help guide you to your VA benefits and services. Take a look!

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Frequently asked questions

Throughout the year,  VA and our partners will host VEACs and VetXLs across the country. Both events are supported by state specific partners to ensure local resources are available. Please only register for the VEAC and VetXL in your state. We can't serve out of state Veterans and their loved ones in these events. This page will be updated with new VEAC and VetXL locations throughout the year. Please check back next month! 

Future VEACs and VetXLs are planned for Colorado (November/December). We will update this page as more events are scheduled. 

Have a question? Please send us an email at:

Veterans Experience Action Center (VEAC) events are a collaborative effort which include representation from Veterans Health Administration, Veterans Benefits Administration, National Cemetery Administration, Board of Veterans’ Appeals, state departments of Veterans affairs and community partners working together to offer one-on-one personalized assistance for: VA benefits, VA health care, crisis resources, memorial affairs, community services and peer to peer connection. Veterans and their family members, service members, caregivers and survivors select their preferred date and time and then make an appointment online to connect to the VEAC. A local Veteran Service Officer initiates the appointment by calling the registrant. The appointment is executed over the phone in a virtual environment. Please expect to be transferred to VA experts and community partners as we work to address and meet your needs. Veterans who attend these events often leave enrolled in VA and other resources. Over 94% recommend these events to other Veterans. 

Veterans Experience Live (VetXL) events are virtual Q&A chats on RallyPoint with the intent for VA and Community experts to address questions and resolve challenges from the Veteran community on resources, benefits, information, and referrals. These events are intended to engage with the community by typed chat and augment the VEAC effort by serving those who may not need the more robust services of the VEAC.

VA Benefits

Find out what benefits you may be eligible for during service and which time-sensitive benefits to consider when separating or retiring.