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Drug and alcohol program advisor (DAPA)

Alcohol and drug misuse by Navy personnel interferes with high-performance standards, individual professionalism, personal readiness, military discipline and most importantly, and the Navy's mission accomplishment. We support Fleet readiness by fighting drug and alcohol misuse.


(OPNAVINST 5350.4E, 3-2)

This process provides an Active-Duty service member the opportunity to self-report substance misuse to receive screening and appropriate treatment for personal alcohol misuse or misuse without fear of disciplinary action. This includes those under the age of 21 who think they are in need of counseling or assistance for alcohol misuse. Two conditions must be met for a self-referral to be considered valid:

  1. There can be no credible evidence that the service member seeking the referral has been involved in a alcohol-related incident (AI). This is not an avenue to avoid the consequences of an AI. A command may not direct an individual to self-refer.
  2. The request for referral must be made only to designated or authorized individuals. If the request is made to any individual other than the referral agents listed below, it cannot be considered a valid self-referral, but may be used as a factor in determining if a command-referral is appropriate:
    • DAPA
    • Commanding officers, executive officers (XO), command master chiefs (CMC), chiefs of the boat (COB), senior enlisted advisors (SEA) or leading chief petty officers (LCPO)
    • Navy drug and alcohol counselor
    • DoD medical personnel, including licensed independent provider (LIP)
    • Chaplain
    • Fleet and family support center counselor
    • Marine and family misuse counseling centers
    • Substance abuse rehabilitation program (SARP)


(OPNAVINST 5350.4E, 3-3)

A command-referral is initiated by the service member’s chain of command and may be based on any credible factor such as hearsay, personal observation, LIP report or noticeable change in job performance. COs may refer service members in their command for medical screening at a SARP in situations where no incident has occurred and whether or not the member has personally disclosed their problem. COs are strongly encouraged to consider referrals for members under the circumstances identified below:

  • Member’s medical records indicate a history of alcohol problems or events
  • History of Monday or Friday absences
  • History of financial problems
  • Domestic disturbance or family concerns
  • Peer or co-worker concerns
  • History of accidents or mishaps
  • History of heavy drinking
  • Alcohol-related injury (to self, not due to misconduct)
  • Victim of a crime, wherein alcohol consumption by the victim is a contributing factor

Contact us

DAPA Office
Bldg. 133, 2nd deck
Room 2D-141

Antonio Alicea HMC

Command DAPA Coordinator

Lovell Federal health care

Phone: 210-610-8221

Jonathan Miles HM1

Command Assistant DAPA Coordinator

Lovell Federal health care

Phone: 210-610-4568

Daniel Nguyen HM1

Command Assistant DAPA Coordinator

Lovell Federal health care

Phone: 210-610-5569