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Veteran patients at Lovell FHCC will now use the My VA Health patient portal to manage their health care online.

You can receive assistance with the My VA Health patient portal by contacting at 888-444-6982 or 888-444-MYVA.

Learn more about the new My VA Health patient portal.

PTSD care

We offer both residential as well as outpatient treatment levels of care.

Residential program

Our residential level of care is exclusively designed for combat trauma. Residential PTSD treatment is a 7-weeks program, based on group and individual therapy, in the context of a multidisciplinary, comprehensive team approach.

Trauma recovery program (TRP)

TRP is our outpatient post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatment program. Following evaluation, patients are provided with a range of individual and group-based treatment options specific to their symptoms and goals. The TRP clinic implements VA evidence-based trauma treatment episodes with Veteran patients. Patients can be referred for services by their primary care or existing mental health provider.