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Traveling Veteran Coordinator

Are you a Traveling Veteran? To coordinate routine services while traveling, please contact your PACT Team by phone, or access MyHealtheVet to ask for a Traveling Veteran Coordinator consult.

Connect with a care coordinator

Judy Geissler

Judy Geissler

Traveling Veterans Coordinator

VA Madison health care


How the Coordinator Can Help

  • The Travel Coordinator can help with setting up care at the other VA sites 
  • Share data and care needs with other VA sites
  • Manage consults for care
  • Provide follow-up when care is ordered at Community Clinics that are not VA affiliated

Non-Urgent Outpatient Care

  • Call your home PACT team for your regular care needs. The team will set up a consult for you
  • The coordinator will set up care for you at a VA site near your travel location

Ready to Travel?

Let your primary doctor know 6-8 weeks before you plan on traveling within the US. 

Planning overseas travel? Please alert your PACT team 8 weeks before leaving to ensure that you have all advice/services you need before your trip. 

Ask for a Traveling Veterans Coordinator Consult. 

Tell your Patient Assigned Care Team: 

  • Dates for travel and return date. 

  • If you need: vaccines, lab work, injections, and special consults. 

  • Do not use a PO Box. 

  • New Address-your medications will be mailed to this address. 

  • Make sure you have enough medication before you travel. 

  • Refill your medications at your home VA 10-14 days before you run out of medication 

  • Your primary doctor at your home VA will makes sure your care does not stop while you are traveling. Your doctor will be updated on your care. 

You can receive care at any VA site without a local primary team, even when your primary doctor is out of state. 

  • Labs 

  • Vaccines 

  • Nurse’s visits 

  • Medication refills if you have an active prescription 

  • Pain medications – are NOT available 

If you have an emergency while you are away: 

  • Call 911 

  • Go to the closest Emergency/Urgent Room 

  • Remember to let the hospital know that you are a veteran, and the VA should be notified. 

  • Veteran or family-please notify the VA in 72 hours at (24 hours/7days) 

Out Patient Pharmacy

Lobby: Monday-Friday 8:30 am-5:00pm


Phone Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 am-5:00pm

  • The VA that you are going to will not give you any controlled medication
  • Veteran must give an address for the trip so their medication can be delivered
  • Veterans must check that they have enough medications before they leave for their trip
  • VA sites near you may give medications that have refills. This depends on that VA’s stock
  • Please check with your home VA for refills first
  • If you run out or lose your medication, a VA site near you should be able to give you a one-time small supply (10-14 days)

Veteran’s Foreign Medical Program

  • Benefits program for U.S. Veterans living or traveling outside the United States
  • Must have a service-connected disability

Contact the VHA Office of Community Care

Foreign Medical Program
PO Box 469061
Denver, CO 80246-9061

Locate VA or Community Care health care while traveling

To find a VA facility, visit:

Then enter:

  • Zip code where you are traveling
  • Select the service  facility type (VA or Community care)
  • Select Blue search button (right side)

Click on the Blue title of the facility and this will open the facility’s web page.

VA  finder will provide veterans with the following information:

  • VA hospitals and Out patient (CBOC) faculties
  • Community Care VA approved Urgent care and ER/Hospitals
    • Facility address
    • Phone numbers
    • Days and times of operation
    • Services offered
  • Directions to the facility
  • Other VA services