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You can search all the criteria or only one of the criteria. Example: You can search for 'Smith' 'Joe' 'Nowhere' 'MT' '55155' or just 'Smith' or just 'Sm'. Then hit 'Search' button. Do not enter words like 'AND' or 'OR' unless you want to search those letters. The Accredited Attorney, Claim Agent and VSO Representative Search is separate from the Recognized VSOs search, but the same rules apply. When searching for Recognized VSO, you can leave all the fields blank and hit Search to get a listing of all VSOs currently recognized by VA for purposes of claims assistance.

Note:  You will be provided with information pertaining only to individuals currently accredited by VA and organizations currently recognized by VA.  If your search does not produce any results, the person or organization is not currently authorized to provide representation but may have an application for accreditation or recognition pending with the VA Office of the General Counsel.  The data linked to this page refreshes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening.  Questions concerning accreditation of individuals, recognition of organizations, or agents' and attorneys' fees may be sent to ogcaccreditationmailbox@va.gov.