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LGBTQ+ Veteran care

VA Orlando health care employees receive training in clinical care that is responsive to the unique needs of LGBTQ+ Veterans. Our trained LGBTQ+ Veteran care coordinators are fully equipped to support the health, welfare, and dignity of you and your family. LGBTQ+ Veteran care services are available at many of our locations at VA Orlando Healthcare System. Please connect with a care coordinator to learn more.

How to add your gender identity and preferred name to your health record.

Adding your gender identity and preferred name to your health record helps your VA providers personalize your care. Many people use a name that is different than the one on their medical insurance or government-issued identification (e.g., driver's license). This is especially the case for transgender and gender diverse people. Update "Preferred Name" if you'd like staff to use a first name that is different from your legal name when you come to VA.

To enter your gender identity and preferred name at Home | Veterans Affairs, click "Sign In" in the upper righthand corner. Open your profile and click on "Personal Information".

Connect with a care coordinator

Keri Griffin

Keri K. Griffin LCSW, CAP

LGBTQ+ Veteran Care Program Coordinator and Special Emphasis Program Manager

VA Orlando health care


Care we provide at the Orlando VA

Our LGBTQ+ Veteran Care Program Coordinator can answer your questions, advocate for your right to quality care, handle complaints or concerns you have about your care, and help you get started with any of our services for LGBTQ+ Veterans. 

Our services include:

More information and resources can be found at VHA LGBTQ+ Health Program.

Policies and practices to know

The care coordinator can help you get started with care or with navigating any of these issues.

Visitation: A same-sex partner, family member, friend, or other individual can be present with the patient for emotional support during the course of the patient's stay.

Definition of family: "Family" may include individual(s) not legally related to the individual. Family members include spouses, domestic partners, different-sex and same-sex significant others.

Advance directives: Veterans may designate any person as a decision-maker for care if they won't be able to make these decisions themselves. This includes same-sex partners. Advance directive agents are chosen by the Veteran and do not need to be biologically related.

Documentation in medical records: The Orlando VA maintains the confidentiality of information about sexual orientation, sexual behavior, and gender identity, just like any other private health information.

Changing name or sex in records: Your name in your medical record will reflect your legal name. The sex in your medical record should reflect your self-identified gender. You have the right to request that your name and sex are updated as appropriate. There are established procedures for changing your name and sex with the Orlando VA enrollment department. Veterans can also contact the LGBTQ+ Veteran Care Program Coordinator for how to have a preferred name and their pronouns added to their record.