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Clean Syringe Program

Clean Syringe Program

Our Clean Syringe Service Program includes:

  • Respectful, Non-judgmental, non-condemning, non-confrontational care that emphasizes personal responsibility and harm reduction
  • HIV, Hepatitis,  STD and other infection testing
  • Education:
    • Details on how reusing or sharing needles or equipment can lead to infection
    • Clean injection technique
    • Safe Infection Practices Brochure
    • Syringe service Program (RIS4E) (should link to brochure)
  • Harm Reduction Materials such as syringes, alcohol pads, cotton balls, band aids, condoms, sharps container, fentanyl test strips, vitamin C tablets, and Narcan nasal spray for overdose
  • Vaccinations to prevent infection
  • Naloxone prescription to prevent overdose
  • Condom prescriptions
  • Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) to prevent HIV 
  • Link Veterans to Social Work: Contact our ID Social Worker at

Our hope is that we will help prevent HIV and hepatitis and ultimately encourage patients to get treatment for substance use disorders.