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Explore VA Pittsburgh's diverse program offerings, which include patient health care, cutting-edge clinical research, and other specialties.

Primary Care Teams

This summer, we will open a new outpatient clinic at 421 Mall Circle Drive in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. The new clinic will provide Veterans with integrated primary and mental health care, along with specialty and diagnostic services such as rehabilitation, optometry, imaging, lab, acupuncture, oncology and more.

When the Monroeville clinic opens, we will move nearly all primary care services out of our University Drive campus in Oakland. The only primary care team that will remain at University Drive is the one that provides care for Veterans with renal (kidney) issues. We will move our primary care teams to locations that are easier for Veterans to access, and that have ample parking. The changes also open more space at University Drive for emergency services and specialty care.

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VA Pittsburgh's staff cardiologists lead national efforts at VA to develop new treatment techniques and are experts at minimally invasive cardiac procedures. VAPHS is also home to a state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization laboratory.

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The Geriatric Research, Education, and Clinical Centers (GRECCs) are VA centers of excellence focused on aging and promoting top-quality care for older Veterans. The Pittsburgh GRECC has been serving older Veterans in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and parts of West Virginia since 1999.

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