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Monkeypox information for Veterans

This page can help provide the latest information about monkeypox testing, vaccines, and treatments at VA. If you have questions about your symptoms or care, contact your VA health care team.

Monkeypox testing at VA

Monkeypox testing is available through every VA health facility.

If you have symptoms that may be caused by monkeypox (like an unexplained rash), ask your health care provider to help you decide if you should get a monkeypox test. 

Get a list of monkeypox symptoms on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website

Your provider can help you get a test if needed.

Send a secure message to your provider

Monkeypox vaccines at VA

Here’s what you need to know about monkeypox vaccines at VA:

  • We received 13,000 vials (up to 65,000 doses) of JYNNEOS™ monkeypox vaccine from the Department of Health and Human Services in August. We’ll continue to receive more JYNNEOS to reduce the spread of monkeypox as more product is available within the supply chain.

  • To get a monkeypox vaccine at VA, you must be a Veteran who is enrolled in VA health care. Your provider will help you decide if you should get a vaccine.
  • We’ll also work with local health departments to help enrolled Veterans in need get a vaccine if we don’t have one available.

Contact your nearest VA health facility for the latest information.

Learn more about monkeypox vaccines on the CDC website

Find your nearest VA health facility

Monkeypox treatment at VA

There are no approved treatments specifically for monkeypox. But the monkeypox and smallpox viruses are genetically alike. So antiviral treatments for smallpox may work to treat monkeypox.

We have an agreement with the CDC to get access to these treatments when needed for people with severe monkeypox. Your provider will tell you if you may benefit from treatment.

Learn more about monkeypox treatment on the CDC website

Send a secure message to your VA provider

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