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VEText for VA health care reminders and updates

We use VEText to send you appointment reminders and other updates about your VA health care. Keep reading on this page to learn about VEText.

VEText appointment reminders

If your VA health facility uses VEText, we’ll send you text reminders about your health appointments. Each reminder includes this information:

  • Date and time of your appointment
  • Codes you can use to confirm or cancel your appointment

To confirm or cancel, you can reply using the special codes we send you. If you don’t reply, we’ll keep your appointment scheduled.

If your VA health facility closes unexpectedly, we may send you a text to cancel your appointment. 

Note: VEText is free to use, but your phone company may charge you fees for text messages. You can learn more about messaging fees in our digital notifications terms and conditions.

Read our digital notifications terms and conditions

Getting locations in appointment reminders

Basic VEText reminders don’t include the location of your appointment. If you don’t want us to include locations, you don’t have to do anything.

To start getting locations, reply to a VEText reminder with the 5-digit zip code for your home address. Or text your zip code to 53079. We’ll start including the name of the VA health facility in each reminder.

To stop getting locations, reply BASIC to a VEText reminder. Or text BASIC to 53079. We’ll stop including the name of the VA health facility. 

Changing to an earlier appointment

If an earlier appointment becomes available, we may text you to ask if you want to reschedule.

We’ll text you codes you can use to change to the earlier appointment or keep your original appointment. If you don’t reply, we’ll keep your original appointment scheduled.

Completing pre-check-in

If your facility offers pre-check-in, we’ll send you instructions to start the pre-check-in process with your appointment reminders. You’ll need a smartphone to complete pre-check-in.

Learn how to check in with your smartphone for some VA appointments

Note: Some VA health facilities also use VEText to help with physical distancing. If your facility offers this service, we’ll send you instructions with your appointment reminders. You can text us when you arrive at the facility. We’ll text you where to wait and when to come inside.

Managing community care appointments

If you get care from a non-VA provider in our community care network, we may send you a text to ask for your appointment information. You can reply to the text to tell us the date and time of your appointment.

After your community care appointment, we’ll send a text to confirm if you went to the appointment. We’ll include codes you can use to confirm or to tell us that you didn’t go.

Other types of VEText messages

Depending on your local VA health facility, we may also send you these types of VEText messages:

  • Prescription tracking updates tell you when your prescription medicine has shipped.
  • Vaccine updates tell you when COVID-19 and flu vaccines are available at your facility and how to schedule a vaccine appointment.
  • Emergency updates offer resources during a natural disaster or another emergency in your area.
  • Surgery updates allow your care team to text updates to your family members when you’re having surgery at a VA facility.

How to opt out of VEText—or opt back in

If we have your mobile phone number in our records, we’ll automatically send you text reminders. You don’t have to do anything to start using VEText.

Here’s how to opt out or opt back in:

  • To opt out of all VEText messages, reply STOP ALL to any previous VEText message. Or text STOP ALL to 53079.
  • To opt out of a certain message type, reply STOP to a previous message of that type.
  • To opt back in to a certain message type, reply START to a previous message of that type. 

You can also text STOP or START to these numbers for certain message types:

  • For appointment reminders, text 53079.
  • For prescription tracking texts, text 53941.
  • For vaccine reminders and emergency texts, text 80728. 

Or you can call your VA health facility. Ask to connect with the VEText coordinator or medical support assistant. 

Find your VA health facility

Questions you may have about VEText

Does VEText work with all types of health appointments?

It depends on your facility. Some facilities may send VEText reminders only for certain types of appointments.

If you have questions about how your facility uses VEText, call your facility. Ask to connect with the VEText coordinator or medical support assistant.

Find your VA health facility

What if I don’t have a mobile phone?

We’ll still send you letters and call your home phone to remind you about your VA health appointments. 

How can I update my mobile phone number for VEText?

You can update your phone number and other contact information online in your profile. 

Learn how to update your profile

You can also update your phone number in person at your next VA health care appointment. Ask to change your number when you check in at the front desk. Or you can change it when you check in at a self-service kiosk. 

Will VEText protect my personal health information?

Yes. We follow strict security policies and practices to protect your personal health information. 

These 2 types of VEText messages may include your personal health information:

  • If you get prescription tracking updates, we include the first 3 letters of the name of your prescription medicine in the text. To opt out of prescription tracking, reply STOP to a previous prescription tracking message. Or text STOP to 53941.
  • If you choose to get locations in your appointment reminders, we include the name of your VA health facility. 
    Learn about getting locations in VEText reminders
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  • Learn how to apply for VA health care benefits.

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