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Integrative Health Clinical Services

As part of the Whole Health approach, VA incorporates complementary and integrative health (CIH) services alongside conventional care. These include clinical services like acupuncture, chiropractic care, and mindfulness activities that can improve mental health, help you manage pain, and promote wellness. At San Francisco VA, we also offer interdisciplinary integrated care clinics, where teams of clinicians with different skills and specialties work together to help you craft a holistic care plan.

Integrative Health and Wellness Clinic

Provides patient-centered holistic health care; includes providers trained in complementary and integrative health methods such as mindfulness, safe use of dietary supplements, "food as medicine", acupuncture, and more.

Veterans interested in lifestyle change and/or complementary care should seek a referral from their care team.

Post 9/11 Integrated Care Clinic

Provides interdisciplinary care to Post 9/11 Veterans new to San Francisco VA Health Care System (SFVAHCS) in a one-stop shop clinic that includes primary care, mental health, and social services to meet Veterans' post-deployment needs and concerns.

All Post 9/11 Veterans new to SFVAHCS seeking primary care services should seek a referral from their care team.

Integrated Pain Team

We offer interdisciplinary biopsychosocial pain care embedded in primary care, including assistance with tapering or transitioning opioid medications.

Veterans with established VA primary care physician, chronic pain diagnosis, a completed workup, who agree to consultation, and would benefit from multidisciplinary pain care should seek a referral from their care team.


Holistic approach to care including application of small needles to specific points on the body for therapeutic benefit. May involve other therapies such as electric stimulation acupuncture and cupping. 

Patients with acute or chronic pain, mental health conditions, chemo-induced symptoms, dental pain, headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, etc. should seek a referral from their care team. 


Non-pharmacological, non-surgical, hands-on treatment for neck, back, and other musculoskeletal problems, incorporating evidence-based rehabilitation.

Patients experiencing acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems, especially neck and back pain should seek a referral from their care team.

Integrative Nutrition

Includes comprehensive nutrition intake to assess and provide guidance on diet and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to acute and chronic symptoms. Uses "food as medicine" and root cause analysis to help improve health and wellness.

Veterans who want to reduce inflammation in the body, improve gut and overall immune health using whole foods and supplements as needed should request a referral from their care team. 

Integrative Occupational Therapy

Comprehensive lifestyle and therapeutic occupational therapy (OT) interventions including: assessment, coaching, chronic condition self-management, pain and stress management tools (mindfulness, guided imagery, biofeedback), sleep hygiene, cognitive rehabilitation, medication self management, energy conservation, pacing techniques, and adaptive equipment consultation.

Veterans who want to manage stress and pain, increase function, quality of life, and activity engagement in the setting of chronic health conditions should seek a referral from their care team.

Integrative Physical Therapy

Traditional physical therapy interventions such as individualized exercise program planning alongside evidence-based Whole Health interventions including sleep hygiene, body awareness, stress reduction, pain management, mindful movement, and more.

Veterans who want to improve health and wellness, quality of life, activity engagement,  manage stress and pain, and increase function should seek a referral from their care team. 

Integrative Social Work

Holistic social work services provides resource referral for psychosocial needs and time-limited interventions (i.e., mindfulness, biofeedback, cognitive and behavioral therapies) for coping with stress, adjustment issues, grief and loss, and chronic illness.

Veterans with various conditions impacting their physical or mental and emotional health interested in guidance on approaches to improve overall functioning and quality of life should seek a referral from their care team.

Integrative Recreational Therapy

Holistic recreational therapy services with a focus on identifying and building past, current, and future leisure skills that address barriers and promote a fun, safe, and healthy lifestyle.

Any Veteran seeking guidance with increasing activity levels, improving quality of life, and developing a healthy lifestyle should seek a referral from their care team. 

To view our Whole Health offerings please follow the link below.

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