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Director of Sleep Medicine at SFVAHCS

Ananse Taharka MD

Director, Sleep Medicine

VA San Francisco health care


Phone: 415-221-4810 x 22815

Dr. Ananse Taharka is our Director of Sleep Medicine for SFVAHCS.

He is board-certified in Sleep Medicine (as well as Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine) and leads a team of Nurse Practitioners, Respiratory Therapists, Polysomnographic Technologists, and medical support staff to manage and care for our sleep clinic patients. Sleep is the most rapidly growing program within our division. Prior to the pandemic, we saw an 80% growth of the number of patients seen in sleep clinic, averaging ~ 500 patients per month. Our sleep program provides overnight and home sleep studies, assesses patients for routine and complex sleep apnea syndromes, and provides therapeutic PAP device in a wide range of modalities. A new building to house Mental Health and Sleep Medicine is slated to be completed in summer 2022, which will allow for further expansion of our burgeoning sleep medicine service.