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Comprehensive Cancer Rehabilitation Program

VA Southern Nevada heath care offers a Comprehensive Cancer Rehabilitation Program focusing on three critical areas of the cancer journey, at diagnosis, before cancer surgery or treatment, during cancer treatment and post-treatment and survivorship.

There are currently 18.1 million Cancer Survivors in the United States. More than 43,000 veterans have a new cancer diagnosis each year. Sadly, up to 90% of cancer survivors will have at least one impairment or side effect that decreases their quality of life. The most common side effects include pain, fatigue, brain fog, and difficulty moving. Yet less than 10 percent of people get help for their symptoms. We at the VASNHS are working to change this statistic.

VA Southern Nevada offers a Comprehensive Cancer Rehabilitation Program focusing on three critical areas of the cancer Journey:

  1. At diagnosis, before cancer surgery or treatment
  2. During Cancer Treatment
  3. Post-treatment and Survivorship

VASNHS offers a patient centered healthcare system, a whole health approach to address and individual’s specific health needs and their desired health outcomes as the driving force behind all healthcare decisions. We are committed to helping people stay independent and active through each stage of their cancer journey.

Cancer Rehab Therapists can assist with:

  • Build strength, endurance, and improve mobility
  • Decrease pain and cancer related fatigue
  • Improve or regain speech or swallowing abilities
  • Enhance memory and concentration
  • Improve bladder, bowel, and sexual function
  • Improve ability to engage in daily activities
  • Manage cancer related lymphedema (swelling of head/neck, arm, breast, trunk, and pelvic region)
  • Reduce numbness and tingling
  • Address posture and balance issues

Cancer Rehab Care Team specialists includes different types of rehabilitation professionals that may be a part of your cancer care team.

Cancer Care Team

Physical Therapist

Occupational Therapist

Speech Language Pathologist

Lymphedema Therapist

Social Work

Recreational Therapist

Registered Dietitian/Nutritional Support

Palliative care

Behavioral/Mental Health

Pain Management

Oncology Nurse Navigator (Breast Cancer)


Whole Health

Women Veterans Health Program

Oncology Physician

** Please contact your VA Provider if you are interested in this program.

For more information please see the VASNHS Hematology and Oncology Service page to download our Comprehensive Cancer Rehabilitation Booklet