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Traveling Veteran Services

To coordinate routine services while traveling, please contact your Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT) by phone, or access My HealtheVet.

Are you a Traveling Veteran? To coordinate routine services while traveling, please contact your PACT Team by phone, or access MyHealtheVet to ask for a Traveling Veteran Coordinator consult.

The Travel Coordinator can

  • Facilitate enrollment of Veterans into travel site’s VA system and
  • Assist with transition if relocating permanently
  • Share data and care needs with other VA sites
  • Help with setting up care at the other VA sites 
  • Manage consults for care

Non-Urgent Outpatient Care

  • Call your home PACT team for your regular care needs. The team will set up a consult for you
  • The coordinator will set up care for you at a VA site near your travel location

Care Coordination for Traveling Veterans

Traveling Veteran Responsibilities:

Prior to traveling:
• Inform VA primary care team of dates of travel, temporary address, phone number
• Discuss any specific health concerns with your care team
For non-urgent care during travel:
• Contact home VA primary care team for routine care needs, team will contact facility Traveling Veteran Coordinator
• Facility Traveling Veteran Coordinator will work to coordinate care with the alternate VA of Veteran’s choice

Urgent/Emergency care during travel:

Urgent Care while traveling:

• Use the VA Locator to search for nearest VA-contracted UC in your area Find a VA Facility

• Additional VA Urgent Care information (including eligibility and possible co-pays).

Emergency Care while traveling:

• During a medical emergency, you should immediately seek care at the nearest emergency department (ED).  Go to nearest appropriate VA or community ED.

• Use the VA Locator to search for nearest VA-Emergency Dept in your area.

• If receiving care at Non-VA facility; Inform the emergency care provider to report your emergency treatment to the VA Centralized Emergency Care Reporting Center as soon as possible after your treatment starts by using:

The VA Emergency Care Reporting portal.


VA 72-Hour Notification Hotline: 877-881-7618

Additional VA Emergency Medical Care information.

Seamless Care Coordination

Facilitate enrollment of Veterans into local system and transition if re-locating
• Efficiently communicate with other VA’s and Traveling Veteran Coordinators to expedite care
• Communicate with Preferred VA any
care requests and needed care upon return home
• Receiving and forwarding requests from Preferred VA

Local VASNHS 24-hour VA RN advice line for any new medical concerns:

Phone: 800-733-0502

Pharmacy Information

Veterans must provide a temporary address while traveling to ensure timely delivery of medications
• Veterans should check to be sure they have enough medications/refills to last entire length of trip
• Alternate VA may dispense a ONE TIME 15-day supply of some active medications
• Alternate VA will not dispense controlled substances even if there are refills remaining
• If Veteran receives new prescriptions while traveling, contact the local VA to determine how they can be filled
Outpatient Pharmacy Lobby Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. M-F

Pharmacy Phone Center: 702-791-9061
Phone Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. M-F

Pharmacy Phone Refills: 888-633-7554

Additional ways to refill prescriptions: Refill VA Prescriptions using My HealtheVet

Veteran's Foreign Medical Program

Benefits program for U.S. Veterans who are residing or traveling abroad and have VA-rated, service-connected disabilities.

For assistance regarding foreign health
care services contact:
VHA Office of Community Care
Foreign Medical Program
PO Box 469061
Denver, CO 80246-9061

Phone: 303-331-7590

VA & Urgent Care Locator:

Then enter:

  • Zip code where you are traveling
  • Select the service  facility type (VA or Community care)
  • Select blue search button (right side)

Click on the blue title of the facility and this will open the facility’s web page.

VA  Finder will provide Veterans with the following information:

  • VA hospitals and Outpatient (CBOC) facilities
  • Community Care VA approved Urgent care and ER/Hospitals
    • Facility address
    • Phone numbers
    • Days and times of operation
    • Services offered
  • Directions to the facility
  • Other VA services