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Billing and insurance

You can pay your VA Tuscaloosa health care bill online, by phone, mail, or in person.


The US Department of Veterans Affairs has established guidelines for Veterans and their copayments. Copayments may be charged for the following services:

Any copayments due should be paid upon checking out of the medical center. Copayments may be made at the Agent Cashier window, Building 63, ground floor (room 10).

Veterans who do not make their copayments upon checking out will receive a bill at their address of record within 30 days after their stay or appointment.

If you have questions about the copay balance on your VA Tuscaloosa health care bill, call us at 205-554-2000, ext. 2893. 

Please note that you won’t need to pay any copays for X-rays, lab tests, preventive tests, and services like health screenings or immunizations.

ᐅ Video: Veteran Copayments

Private and other health insurance

If you have another form of health coverage—like Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, or a private insurance plan through your spouse’s employer—please bring your insurance card with you to your health care appointment.

Veterans applying for and using VA medical care must provide their health insurance information, including coverage provided under policies of their spouses. Veterans are not responsible for the remaining balance shown as patient responsibility on the explanation of benefits from their insurance carrier. However, Veterans may be responsible for a VA copayment depending on their assigned Priority Group.

Learn how VA health care works with other health insurance

The Department of Veterans Affairs now bills private health insurance companies for care received by their enrollees. You should bring your insurance card with you for your appointment and present it during the check-in process. What's in it for me?

ᐅ Video: Private Health Insurance: How It Helps You


The Department of Veterans Affairs does not bill Medicare or Medicaid at this time. You may, however, wish to review information for Veterans about the new Medicare prescription drug benefits.

Pay online, by phone, or mail

Find out how to make a payment—and what to do if you're having trouble making payments or you disagree with your bill.

Pay online, by phone, or by mail

Pay in person

To pay your copay bill in person, visit the agent cashier's office at our Tuscaloosa campus.

Please bring your payment stub, along with a check or money order made payable to "VA." Be sure to include your VA account number on the check or money order.

Agent Cashier
Building 63
Ground Floor, Room 10
Map of Tuscaloosa campus
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