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Relationship Challenges

Relationship challenges can create stress that shows up in many ways. Things like struggling with relationships, feeling like life is out of control, or parenting after military service can stem from relationship problems.

Here are resources for Veterans to work on relationship challenges.

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Whole Health2 Resources

  • Family, Friends, and Co-workers: Connecting For Whole Health
    Whole Health Information and resources on maintaining healthy relationships
  • Whole Health: Relationships and Health
    Information on relationships and health for Veterans

Relationships3 Resources

  • Relationship Problems
    Self-help tools and VA resources to help you improve relationships
  • Partners of Veterans with PTSD
    Information for partners of Veterans addressing PTSD
  • Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Program (IPVAP)
    Information and resources related to VA's Intimate Partner Violence Assistance Program (IPVAP)

Local Resources & Online Programs4 Resources

  • Coaching into Care
    Free call service for those wanting to help a Veteran in their life access mental health care
  • Readjustment Counseling
    Search Vet Centers for counseling and outreach services
  • Mindfulness Mobile Coach
    Mobile app to help Veterans learn how to practice mindfulness
  • Moving Forward: "Overcome Life's Challenges Program"
    VA course to help manage life challenges such as stress, relationship challenges, and financial difficulties

VA Benefits for Spouses, Dependents, Survivors, and Family Caregivers1 Resource

  • VA Caregiver Support Program
    Caregiver Support Program for caregivers of Veterans enrolled in VA health care

Getting Started with the VA1 Resource

  • Connect With Stories of Help and Hope
    Find Veteran stories like yours

Parenting1 Resource

  • Parenting For Veterans
    Resources for how to navigate parenting as a Veteran