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Substance Use Challenges

Substance use challenges can impact your life in many ways. Things like feeling like a burden, racking up legal & financial expenses, feeling like you can’t stop using, or having relationship problems can all stem from substance use.

Here are resources for Veterans experiencing substance use challenges.

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Alcohol Use1 Resource

  • About Alcohol Use Disorder
    Self-help tools and VA resources to learn about alcohol use disorder

Tobacco Use3 Resources

  • Become a Smoke Free Veteran
    Tools and tips to help Veterans become smoke free
  • Tobacco and Health Overview
    Resources to help quit tobacco
  • Stay Quit Coach Mobile App
    Interactive tools to help Veterans become tobacco-free

Substance Use5 Resources

  • Substance Use Overview
    Signs and symptoms of substance use disorder
  • Substance Use Health Care
    Support and treatment for substance use problems through VA
  • About Substance Use Disorder
    Self-help tools and VA resources to learn about substance use disorder.
  • Substance Abuse Screening
    Short and confidential substance use screener
  • About Opioid Overdose
    Naloxone and opioid overdose education

Housing Assistance2 Resources

  • VA Homeless Programs
    Information and resources for programs for homeless Veterans
  • National Call Center for Homeless Veterans
    Information on the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans

Local Resources & Online Programs3 Resources

  • Find your Local VA Suicide Prevention Coordinator
    24/7 confidential crisis support for Veterans and their loved ones
  • Substance Use Disorder Program Locator
    Substance use disorder programs by state
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Facility Locator
    Confidentiality search for mental health or substance use disorder treatment facilities