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Explore Finger Lakes VA's diverse program offerings, which include patient health care, cutting-edge clinical research, and other specialties.

EleVAte Your Health

Are you wanting to improve your health at VA but not sure where to start? Learn about, and be connected to VA tools & resources that interest you. 

EleVAte Your Health | VA Finger Lakes Health Care | Veterans Affairs



Gerofit is a group exercise program for Veterans age 65+ that promotes overall wellness, while improving physical functioning, and mental health. Exercises are individually tailored to address all abilities, functional limitations, and meet personal goals.

Gerofit | VA Finger Lakes Health Care | Veterans Affairs

Health Promotion Disease Prevention

Healthy Living Matters. Prevention Works.

Let the VA Finger Lakes Healthcare System's Health Promotion Disease Prevention (HPDP) team assist you in creating, and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Good health decreases your risk for serious illness, and hospitalization, and improves your quality of life. 

Health Promotion Disease Prevention | VA Finger Lakes Health Care | Veterans Affairs