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Learn what the PACT Act means for your VA benefits


The Pharmacy Service Mission is to provide Veteran-centric pharmaceutical care that improves outcomes through a commitment to innovation, education, and collaboration. Medication Safety and quality are top priorities for VA Portland as evidenced by having an active Medication Safety Program in place since 1987. The VA Portland Health Care System pharmacy processes more than 5,000 prescriptions daily. Many of these prescriptions are filled by the Central Mailout Pharmacy (CMOP). Prescriptions may be refilled by phone or the Internet.

Refill your prescriptions

Your VA health care benefits include prescription medicines and medical supplies prescribed by your VA health care team.

Be sure to order your refills at least 10 days before your supply runs out.

We mail most prescription refills through the U.S. Postal Service. For medicines that need to be kept refrigerated, or certain types of medical supplies, we may send your order through FedEx or UPS.

Online refills

With our VA Prescription Refill and Tracking tool, you can refill your VA prescriptions, track their delivery, and create lists to organize your medicines.

Flu / COVID-19 vaccine billing

Retail pharmacies and urgent care clinics that are part of VA’s Community Care Network (CCN) can provide eligible Veterans with a flu or COVID-19 vaccine that is reimbursed by VA.

Veterans and participating Community Care pharmacies - learn more.

For Veterans, use the link above to learn about...

  • Eligibility
  • Choosing a Pharmacy
  • What to do when you arrive at the community/non-VA pharmacy

Phone refills (automated refill line)

503-273-5201 or 503-273-5183

Mail refills

Mail back the refill request form that comes with your prescription to the provided address.

Note: Please don’t drop off the form at the pharmacy when you pick up your new prescription. We can’t process refill requests on the same day that new prescriptions are picked up.

Automated Refill Line

An automated refill line is available for all VA Portland  patients. Please call one of the following numbers —

  1. After you have dialed the number, wait for the automated attendant to answer.
  2. Enter your entire social security number, then press the # key. Wait for an answer.
  3. Press 2, then wait for an answer.
  4. Press 1, then wait for an answer.
  5. Enter the prescription number, then press the # key. Wait for an answer.
  6. To refill additional prescriptions, press 1 and repeat the process.

If you are using the automated refill line, all refills should be ordered at least ten days prior to when the refill is due to insure prompt processing and delivery time.

Refills at VA-contracted urgent care facilities (MISSION Act related)

For urgent prescriptions written by a VA-contracted urgent care provider, Veterans can fill a 14-day supply of medication at a…

If a non-contracted facility is used, Veterans must pay for the prescription and then file for reimbursement with the local VA Community Care department. To do this, mail a copy of the prescription & receipt to: Pharmacy Reimbursement, 1601 E Fourth Plain Blvd., V3-PCD, Vancouver, WA 98661
Please note that it can take up to several months for reimbursement.  

Here are some helpful links regarding VA-contracted urgent care facilities;

    - From there, go down the web page and click on Find a VA location near you
    - From there, click on VA-approved urgent care locations and pharmacies near you.
    - From there, go to the very bottom of the web page and select either...
    - Fill an Urgent Care Prescription or  Find a Network Urgent Care Location

Only curb-side pick-up is available at Portland VA Medical Center & Vancouver VA Campus.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and for the safety of our Veterans and hospital staff, VAPORHCS is minimizing all unnecessary foot traffic in-patient care areas including the Outpatient Pharmacies in Portland and Vancouver. 

The Outpatient Pharmacies in Portland and Vancouver will NO longer refill prescriptions for pick up at the window.

For urgent refills like antibiotics or pain medications, the VA Portland Medical Center is now opening an outside curbside pick-up station.

Pharmacy Curbside Pick Up Hours at PVAMC and Vancouver Campus: Monday to Friday : 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

PVAMC Curbside Service Process:

      1. Drive up to Bldg. 103 "Primary Care" entrance and park in the marked "Pharmacy Pick Up" spots on US Veterans Hospital Rd. 
      2. Call the Outpatient Pharmacy at 503-220-8262  extension 55559 once you have arrived on campus to order medication(s) to be delivered to your vehicle.
      3. If you do not have a vehicle, please go into building 104 and take the elevator to the 2nd floor.  Wait in the lounge area where building 104 meets the SkyWalk, to the right of the elevators.  Call the pharmacy at 503-220-8262  extension 55559 to order medication(s) and  Pharmacy will deliver directly to you.

Portland outpatient pharmacy phone number for those with questions: 503-220-8262, Ext. 55559

Pharmacy Curbside pickup map @ PVAMC
Pharmacy Curbside pickup photo @ PVAMC

Vancouver Campus Curbside Service Process:

      1. Drive up to the Bldg 11 main entrance area and park in the marked "Pharmacy Pick Up" near the flag pole. 
      2. Call the Vancouver outpatient pharmacy phone number at 503-220-8262, ext. 33522; if you do not have a phone, go into Bldg 11 and one is available in the lobby; dial ext. 33522
      3. Talk to pharmacist and then return to your car; there is limited seating available for Veterans using public transit or who are on foot.
      4. Prescriptions will be delivered to Veterans' vehicles or to those Veterans waiting in the lobby area.

Pharmacy Curbside map at Vancouver campus

Contact us with questions about your prescriptions

Pharmacy Customer Service Line

Option 1 – refill or renew a prescription  
Option 2 – other pharmacy questions

Safely dispose of your medicine

Drop off your expired or unwanted medicine at a prescription disposal box (no sharps) located at PVAMC, Bldg. 101, 2nd floor at VA Police office.

Disposing of your medicines safely can help protect other people as well as the environment.