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Connected apps FAQs

Get answers to common questions about third-party connected websites and applications. These apps aren’t created by VA, but you can connect them to your profile and they’ll have access to your personal VA data, like your health or service records.

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Using connected apps

Connected apps are third-party (non-VA) applications or websites that can share certain information from your profile. They can only access this information after you give us your permission to share it.

When you connect to an app, you can use the app's services without having to manually enter your shared information. For example, you can link information from your VA health records to an app that helps you track your health.

We offer this feature for your convenience. It’s always your choice whether to connect, or stay connected, to a third-party app.

We designed and manage My HealtheVet and VA Mobile apps specifically for the Veterans, service members, and caregivers we serve.


Connected apps are designed by organizations outside of VA. These apps can receive only certain personal information, like your VA health or service records, that you tell us to share with them.

You can find third-party apps for Veterans in our app directory. Check back often to connect to new apps.

Take these steps to connect the app:

  1. When the app (or website) prompts you to connect your VA account, it will ask you to sign in.
  2. Sign in with your preferred account: DS Logon, My HealtheVet, or If you don’t have one of these accounts, you can create one now.
  3. Review the information the app is asking to access. If you’re comfortable sharing that information, allow access.


If you have trouble connecting the app, contact the app’s support for help.

Find apps you can use

Yes. If you no longer want to share your information with an app, you can disconnect it from your profile at any time. The app will then no longer have access to new profile information.

To disconnect from an app:

1. Sign in to with your DS Logon, My HealtheVet, or account.

2. Select your name, then Profile.

3. Within your profile, select Connected apps.

4. Find the site or app, and select Disconnect.

Note: Some apps may still store information you’ve already shared. If you’d like to ask the app to delete any stored information, contact the app’s support. If you’re concerned that the app may have misused your information, please also report the app to us.

This depends on the third-party app you want to use. Connected apps are available for all modern device types, like desktop computers, tablets, iPhones, and Android phones. Some of these third-party apps work only with certain devices or operating systems. But more options will become available as more developers design apps for Veterans.

Privacy and security with connected apps

No. You don't need to connect your profile to any third-party apps. We offer this option for your convenience only. In some cases, you can manually enter your information instead.

A connected app can only access the information and permissions you see listed when you authorize the connection. This list will vary for each app.

It depends on the app’s policy. Once you’ve disconnected an app, they'll no longer receive new information about you from VA. However, you may still need to request that they permanently delete data they’ve already collected. Refer to your app’s privacy policy or contact their customer support if you have specific questions.

Take these 3 steps to protect your information:

  1. Disconnect from the app.
  2. Contact the app’s support and ask them to permanently delete any stored information they may still have from you.
  3. Report the app to us

Support with connected apps

If you’re having trouble connecting to an app, contact the app’s customer support for help.

This depends on the problem:

  • If your health records are missing: It can take up to 36 hours for new health records to appear. This gives your health care provider time to discuss results with you before making them available online. If it’s been more than 3 days since your last appointment, or if you need your information sooner, contact your VA health care team.
  • If your information isn’t accurate: Call our MyVA411 main information line at 800-698-2411 (TTY: 711). Or visit a VA health facility near you and ask a staff member for help.
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  • If you’re getting an “unreadable data” message: This means the connected app has access to your information, but doesn’t use it in its interface. It’s nothing to worry about. If you have questions about this, send feedback directly to the app.

If you’re having trouble signing in, you can get answers to frequently asked questions about signing in.

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