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FY 2022 SSVF Supplemental NOFA Awards Announcement
FY 2022 SSVF Webinar: Supplemental NOFA Targeted Funding Opportunity - June 27, 2022
FY 2022 SSVF Supplemental NOFA Frequently Asked Questions
FY 2022 Supplemental NOFA - HUD-VASH and SSVF Coordination Considerations in Implementation
SSVF Webinar: Supplemental NOFA Grantees- February 9, 2024

VA Homeless Programs Shallow Subsidy Toolkit
Shallow Subsidy Data Supplement
Shallow Subsidy Two Pager
Shallow Subsidy Compliance Guide
Shallow Subsidy FAQ
Grantee Sample Shallow Subsidy Referral Form
Grantee Sample Shallow Subsidy Transfer Subsidy Form
Shallow Subsidy and Coordination with Workforce Partners - October 15, 2021
Shallow Subsidy Office Hour - September 24,2021
Shallow Subsidy Promising Practices Webinar - August 27, 2021
Shallow Subsidy Office Hour - June 25, 2021
Shallow Subsidy Office Hour - March 12, 2021

Legal Services FAQ
Legal Services Planning Tool
Sample Flat Fee Legal Services Contract
Sample Legal Services Assessment
Legal Aid Society of Cleveland Issues Spotting Tool
How to Apply for VA Accreditation as an Attorney or Claims Agent
SSVF Legal Services: Models of Implementations - November 19, 2021
SSVF Legal Services Webinar - October 14, 2021

HP Exceptional Circumstance Waiver
HP Screener
HP Screening Companion Guide
Guidance on Establishing an Initial Threshold Score
Homelessness Prevention Core Competencies

Overview of Rapid Resolution
SSVF Rapid Resolution Service Compliance Guide
Rapid Resolution FAQs
SSVF Rapid Resolution Core Skill Proficiency Assessment Form - August 2019
Rapid Resolution Training Guidance - July 2019

SSVF Health Care Navigator One Pager
SSVF Office Hours: Guidance for Health Care Navigator Manager and Supervisor - February 19, 2021
SSVF Office Hours: Assessing Community Behavioral Health Services - January 29, 2021
SSVF Office Hours: Health Care coverage Options for SSVF Participants and Families - January 15, 2021
VA Health Centers