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Pharmacy Residency Programs

The VA Salt Lake City Healthcare System offers both Postgraduate Year One (PGY1) General Pharmacy Practice and Postgraduate Year Two (PGY2) psychiatric and ambulatory care pharmacy residencies. All of our post-graduate programs are 12 months in duration and accredited by the American Society for Health-Systems Pharmacists. Our objective is to train residents for patient-centric clinical positions by advancing their knowledge, skills and attributes in pharmaceutical care. If you have any questions about our programs, please feel free to contact the respective residency program director.

Diversity statement: We strive to pursue diversity in all its varied expressions, including but not limited to gender, race, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Our goal is to provide a training environment that fosters the success of residents to provide culturally competent care and become inclusive of the population they serve as well as create a clinical environment that provides high quality healthcare.

Residents standing together in a group

PGY1 General Pharmacy Practice Residency

There are three resident positions available. This is a traditional program emphasizing inpatient and ambulatory care and is designed to prepare residents for acute care or ambulatory care positions, adjunct faculty positions, or further PGY2 or fellowship training.  Learn more about the PGY1 Pharmacy Residency.

PGY2 Psychiatric Pharmacy Residency

There are two resident positions available. This program is an advanced practice mental health residency designed to prepare the resident for a psychiatric pharmacy specialist position or adjunct faculty position. Learn more about the PGY2 Psychiatric Pharmacy Residency.

PGY2 Ambulatory Care Program

There is one position available. The program is an advanced practice ambulatory care residency, designed to prepare the resident for clinical pharmacist positions in ambulatory care or adjunct faculty positions. Learn more about the PGY2 Ambulatory Care Residency.

Resident benefits

The resident in our program is considered a federal full-time employee with a salary and benefit package. Salary is paid by the VA Office of Academic affiliations and rates may increase depending on the current year allocation rate. In addition, residents accrue annual/sick leave and other benefits,

Salary (stipend)

Annual stipend is $47,397 for first year residents.

Annual stipend was $50,679 for second year residents.

Health benefits

Information about federal employment benefits can be accessed at

Benefits include:

  • Government health care medical plan.
  • Option for dental and life insurance.
  • Resident is not vested and does not have a 401K matching fund benefit during their first year of employment.


There are 11 paid holidays during the year.

Annual leave

Four hours per pay period (13 days per year).

Sick leave

Four hours per pay period (13 days per year).

Travel stipends

Will be provided as available to attend at least one professional meeting, which may include the ASHP Midyear Conference and Mountain States Residency Conference for all residents.

Dual Appointment

PGY1 residents and PGY2 psychiatric residents are eligible for dual appointment once licensed. This means that residents can be compensated as a GS-12 pharmacist on the weekends that they work. Ask the RPDs for more information.