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Experiencing Grief or Loss

Losing someone can impact your life in many ways. Things like living with traumatic memories, feeling numb or losing interest, or not being able to express your emotions can all stem from experiencing grief and loss.

Here are resources for Veterans experiencing grief and loss.

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Grief and Suicide Loss6 Resources

  • About Vet Centers Bereavement Counseling
    Assistance and support after a death of a loved one
  • Bereavement Counseling Assistance & Support
    Counseling benefits for surviving loved ones, burial information, the VA Survivors Pension and more
  • Coping with Grief Following a Death
    Downloadable guide on processing grief, professionals who can help, and non-VA resources
  • Uniting for Suicide Postvention
    Support for those impacted by suicide loss
  • Coping With a Suicide Loss
    Coping with a suicide loss and support after a suicide attempt
  • Dealing with Sadness or Grief after a Loss
    Information on grief experiences and how to care for yourself, cope, and express grief in healthy ways

Services1 Resource

  • National VA Chaplain Service for Veterans
    Find spiritual care, benefits, and services from local chaplains

Local Resources & Online Programs3 Resources

  • Find your Local VA Suicide Prevention Coordinator
    24/7 confidential crisis support for Veterans and their loved ones
  • Suicide Prevention
    Suicide prevention resources to support you and your loved ones
  • Find VA Locations
    Search VA and in-network community care providers by your location and needs

Relationships1 Resource

  • Loss of Interest or Pleasure
    Self-help tools and VA resources to connect with care

Mental Health1 Resource

  • My Recovery Plan
    Explore this tool developed to help Veterans recovering from a mental health condition

Transitions1 Resource

  • Transitioning Service Member Resources
    Resources to aid the transition back to civilian life