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Important & Useful Information

Important information to help you meet your health care goals!

Suicide Prevention

If you're a Veteran in crisis or you're concerned about a Veteran in crisis, VA Western Colorado health care suicide prevention coordinators can get you the support you need. They work with our behavioral health providers and community organizations to assist Veterans who are managing emotional or mental health crises.

For immediate help, call 988.

To learn more visit: Suicide Prevention | VA Western Colorado Health Care

Scheduling with the Call Center

To schedule with the Call Center, call 866-206-6415, option 2.

My HealtheVet

My HealtheVet is a web-based tool you can use to manage your care and improve your health from your computer or mobile device. You can access your personal health records and use tools to manage your care through our My HealtheVet online system. You can also use My HealtheVet to refill your prescriptions, track appointments, and read informative health articles.

If you need help using My HealtheVet, you can contact our coordinator by phone at 970-263-5014.

Beneficiary Travel Self Service System (BTSSS)

BTSSS is an online, self-reporting system that eliminates delays created by paper forms and the kiosks. An updated profile is required to file a claim online and to process previously submitted kiosk and paper claims. Filing travel claims electronically with BTSSS and using direct deposit result in the fastest payment possible.

To get started, visit AccessVA and select the Veteran Travel Claim Entry icon or call the BTSSS manager at 970-242-0731, ext. 2117.

Veterans Transportation

The Veterans Transportation Service (VTS) provides safe and reliable transportation to Veterans who require assistance traveling to and from VA health care facilities and authorized non-VA health care appointments. VTS also partners with service providers in local communities to serve Veterans’ transportation needs.

To schedule, call 970-242-0731, ext. 2117.

ER 72-hour Notification Line

If you go to a non-VA facility—even one that’s in our community care network—you must follow certain rules so that we can cover the cost of your care. You must notify the VA of your care within 72 hours. Ask the provider to notify us right away in either of these ways:

We must get the notification within 72 hours of when your emergency care starts. We prefer that the provider notify us. But if they don’t, you or someone acting on your behalf can notify us instead.


Find out how to refill your prescriptions, where to pick up new prescription orders, and how to safely dispose of your medicines at a VA Western Colorado health care facility.

Find out more at Pharmacy | VA Western Colorado Health Care

Community Care

VA provides care to Veterans through community providers when VA cannot provide the care needed. Community care is based on specific eligibility requirements, availability of VA care, and the needs and circumstances of individual Veterans.

Learn more at Community Care or by calling 970-242-0731, ext. 2526.

VISN 19 Clinical Contact Center

The VISN 19 Clinical Contact Center is a service of the VA Rocky Mountain Network (VISN 19) – providing 24/7, virtual care and support to Veterans enrolled for VA Health Care in Colorado, Montana, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming.

Veterans who receive care in the network can call 303-399-8020 to be connected to the VISN 19 Clinical Contact Center around the clock to get their health questions or concerns answered from the comfort and convenience of their home, or wherever they may be.

Nearest Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) Contact

To find your nearest VBA location, please visit Find VA Locations and choose "VA Benefits" in the Facility Type dropdown.

Nearest National Cemetery Administration (NCA) Contact

To find your nearest NCA location, please visit Find VA Locations and choose "VA Cemeteries" in the Facility Type dropdown.

Traveling Veteran Coordinator

If you are enrolled and receive your health care with VA, you will receive the same, consistent care, whether at your local VA health care facility or an alternate VA health care facility. In order to help VA ensure you receive consistent care while you are traveling or if you relocate, we ask that you notify your local VA Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT), preferably 4 to 6 weeks prior to departure, or as soon as you are aware.

Early planning will allow time for your local PACT and the Traveling Veteran Coordinator to coordinate your care at the alternate VA health care facility.

If you are unable to make an appointment to see your PACT or provider in person, you may reach them by telephone or through secure messaging in MyHealtheVet.

Enrollment / Eligibility

Am I eligible for VA health care benefits? You may be eligible for VA health care benefits if you served in the active military, naval, or air service and didn’t receive a dishonorable discharge. In addition, we’ve expanded VA health care to millions of Veterans.

All Veterans who meet basic service and discharge requirements and who were exposed to toxins and other hazards while serving our country—at home or abroad—are now eligible for VA health care. This includes all Veterans who served in the Vietnam War, Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other combat zone after 9/11. Apply today.

For more information, visit Eligibility for VA Health Care.

Apply for VA health care.

If you need assistance with the application, call 800-698-2411.

Important Contacts

My HealtheVet


Veterans Transportation


Community Care

Traveling Veteran Coordinator