United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Clinical Section

Here are the applications for this section:

Admission Discharge Transfer (ADT)Mental Health
Ambulatory Care ReportingMethicillin Resistant Staph Aurerus (MRSA)
Anticoagulation Management Tool (AMT)Mobile Electronic Documentation (MED)
Automated Service Connected Designation (ASCD)Nationwide Health Information Network Adapter (NHIN)
Bar Code Expansion (BCE)Nursing
Beneficiary TravelNutrition and Food Service (NFS)
Blind RehabilitationONCOLOGY
Care ManagementPatient Appointment Info. Transmission (PAIT)
Clinical Case RegistriesPatient Assessment Documentation Package (PADP)
Clinical ProceduresPatient Care Encounter (PCE)
Clinical/Health Data Repository (CHDR)Patient Centered Management Module (PCMM Web)
Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS)Patient Record Flags
CPRS: Adverse Reaction Tracking (ART)Pharm: Automatic Replenish / Ward Stock (AR/WS)
CPRS: Authorization Subscription Utility (ASU)Pharm: Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA)
CPRS: Clinical RemindersPharm: Benefits Management (PBM)
CPRS: Consult/Request TrackingPharm: Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy
CPRS: Health SummaryPharm: Controlled Substances
CPRS: Problem ListPharm: Data Management (PDM)
CPRS: Text Integration Utility (TIU)Pharm: Drug Accountability
DentistryPharm: Inpatient Medications
Electronic Wait ListPharm: National Drug File (NDF)
Emergency Department Integration Software (EDIS)Pharm: Outpatient Pharmacy
Functional Independence Measurement (FIM)Pharm: Prescription Practices (PPP)
Group NotesPrimary Care Management Module (PCMM)
HDR - Historical (HDR-Hx)Prosthetics
Home Based Primary Care (HBPC)Quality Audiology and Speech Analysis and Reporting (QUASAR)
Home TelehealthRadiology / Nuclear Medicine
Immunology Case Registry (ICR)RAI/MDS
Incomplete Records Tracking (IRT)Remote Order Entry System (ROES)
Intake and OutputScheduling
LaboratoryShift Handoff Tool
Laboratory: Anatomic PathologySocial Work
Laboratory: Blood BankSpinal Cord Dysfunction
Laboratory: Blood Bank WorkaroundsStandards & Terminology Services (STS)
Laboratory: Electronic Data Interchange (LEDI)Surgery
Laboratory: Emerging Pathogens Initiative (EPI)Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Laboratory: Howdy Computerized Phlebotomy Login ProcessVirtual Patient Record
Laboratory: National Laboratory Tests (NLT) Documents and LOINC Request FormVistA Imaging System
Laboratory: Point of Care (POC)VistAWeb
Laboratory: Universal InterfaceVisual Impairment Service Team (VIST)
Laboratory: VistA Blood Establishment Computer Software (VBECS)Vitals / Measurements
Lexicon UtilityWomens Health