United States Department of Veterans Affairs

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Broker

Infrastructure Section
Version 1.1; Patch 60

NameDate CreatedLast UpdatedDocument
Broker Security Enhancement (BSE) Sup: XWB*1.1*45 XU*8.0*4042006-09-012006-09-12DOC (1.32 MB)
PDF (744.27 KB)
Developer's Guide2014-04-102016-04-28DOCX (836.23 KB)
PDF (1.67 MB)
Developer's Guide (Help Standalone file; unzip and double-click on Broker_1_1.chm)2014-03-262016-04-28ZIP (689.31 KB)
Installation Guide2013-12-042016-04-29DOCX (314.21 KB)
PDF (426.28 KB)
Readme File (XWB*1.1*60)2016-04-282016-04-28TXT (4.96 KB)
Release Notes2013-12-042016-04-28DOCX (175.34 KB)
PDF (235.93 KB)
Systems Management Guide2013-12-042016-04-28DOCX (940.12 KB)
PDF (888.54 KB)
TCP/IP Supplement, Patch XWB*1.1*35 and XWB*1.1*442005-01-012005-12-08DOC (366.00 KB)
PDF (258.15 KB)
Technical Manual2013-12-042016-04-28DOCX (480.84 KB)
PDF (402.22 KB)
User Guide2013-12-042016-04-28DOCX (347.35 KB)
PDF (461.52 KB)