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Money Challenges

Money problems can create stress that shows up in many ways. Things like trouble sleeping, getting into debt, stressing about having a place to live, or feeling like you could do more for your family can all stem from financial pressure.

Here are resources for Veterans who are experiencing money-related challenges.

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Money Management9 Resources

  • National Veterans Financial Resource Center (FINVET)
    Access resources to learn more about paying for basic needs, managing debt, tips for saving more money, and learning how to increase income
  • Financial Calculators
    Virtual calculators to help Veterans inform their financial desicions for the future
  • Loan Management
    Learn how to access loan management for Veterans with a VA-guaranteed loan
  • Financial Education Tools & Resources
    Access financial tools and resources organized by topic and audience
  • Money Management Tools & Resources
    Information and resources from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Financial Literacy & Resources
    Find resources to help manage your personal finances

Home Loans4 Resources

  • Help to Avoid Foreclosure
    Information on how to avoid foreclosure
  • Home Loan Types
    Explore different home loan types
  • About Home Loans for Veterans
    Information on home loans, their benefits, and how to apply for them
  • Cash-out Refinance Loan
    Information on VA's cash-out refinance loan

Housing Assistance5 Resources

  • National Call Center for Homeless Veterans
    Information on the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans
  • Housing Assistance
    VA resources for housing assistance
  • VA Programs for At-Risk Veterans and Their Families
    Information on programs for at-risk for homelessness Veterans and their loved ones
  • VA Homeless Programs
    Information and resources for programs for homeless Veterans
  • Nutrition and Food Services
    Nutrition and food services for Veterans and their families

Legal1 Resource

Career Resources1 Resource

  • Veteran-Owned Small Business Support
    Get support for your Veteran-Owned Small Business