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Lovell Federal health care - VA Center launches Veteran Medical Foster Home Program


June 17, 2024

North Chicago , IL — Aligning with the Veterans Health Administration’s commitment to provide the highest levels of care in the least restrictive settings, while honoring Veterans’ wishes, the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center has established the Medical Foster Home Program.

A Medical Foster Home provides a safe, supportive, long-term care option for Veterans in a comfortable home environment. Medical Foster Homes can be an alternative to nursing homes for Veterans. A Medical Foster Home may be appropriate for those who need nursing home care but prefer a non-institutional setting with fewer residents.

The homes are private residences where caregivers (and relief caregivers) provide room and board, personal care, and supervision 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Caregivers help Veterans carry out activities of daily living, such as bathing and dressing. While living in a Medical Foster Home, Veterans receive health care services from the Lovell FHCC Home-Based Primary Care team.

While Lovell FHCC helps coordinate care, Medical Foster Homes are not provided or paid for by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Cost for the home is the responsibility of the Veteran. The charge for a Medical Foster Home varies based on income and the level of care needed. The specific cost is agreed upon by the Veteran and the Medical Foster Home caregiver ahead of time. To be eligible for a Medical Foster Home, Veterans need to qualify for Home-Based Primary Care, and a home needs to be available.

Lovell FHCC is actively seeking individuals to open their homes to become Medical Foster Home caregivers for Veterans. Caregivers must live in the home as their primary residence, and they need to identify at least one approved relief caregiver. Caregivers and relief caregivers are thoroughly vetted and receive VA background checks. Medical Foster Homes are inspected regularly to ensure compliance with applicable fire, safety, and medical requirements. Additionally, Lovell FHCC Medical Foster Home Program staff provide training and oversight to each Medical Foster Home.

Interested caregivers, Veterans and others who want to apply, or get more information about the program, should call 224-610-3784, or visit online:

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Jayna Legg, Public Affairs Specialist