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Veterans Mobile Evaluation Team

The Veterans Mobile Evaluation Team (VMET) is a program of the VA Police Service dedicated to providing assistance and consultation to VA staff, local law enforcement (non-VA), and mental health providers (non-VA) who encounter Veterans in mental health crises. The team is comprised of both law enforcement officers and mental health professionals, working together to ensure that Veterans experiencing a mental health crisis, whether on VA property or in the community, are promptly connected with VA services and the necessary mental health care.


Many Veterans face unique challenges related to their service, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues. In times of crisis, it is crucial that they receive specialized care and support tailored to their needs. VMET bridges the gap between Veterans in distress and the comprehensive resources available through the VA, helping to de-escalate potentially volatile situations and facilitate access to appropriate care and services. 


Eligibility for the VMET program is determined by whether the Veteran is eligible for basic VA care. However, if there is any uncertainty regarding a Veteran's eligibility, we urge you to contact VMET for guidance. The team's goal is to assist any Veteran in crisis, ensuring they receive the help they need, regardless of their eligibility status. 


This program also serves as an essential resource for local government and community organizations that may encounter Veterans needing immediate care. These organizations include police and fire dispatchers, emergency medical services technicians, police officers, mobile crisis units, shelter staff, and outreach teams. By providing information and support to these entities, VMET helps create a network of care that can respond swiftly and effectively to Veterans in crisis. 

By partnering with both VA and non-VA entities, VMET helps create a seamless support system for Veterans, enhancing their well-being and ensuring they are not left without the help they need during their most vulnerable moments. Through this collaborative approach, VMET makes a significant difference in the lives of Veterans, promoting their recovery and reintegration into their communities.


VMET staff are accessible through VA Police dispatch at 559-228-6982 during business hours. For assistance, individuals can contact Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) Amber Willis or Investigator Lacey Bolander, who are dedicated to providing expert consultation and coordination of care.