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Telehealth Services

From the home, the clinic, or the hospital, ​​​​​VA Telehealth Services assist in making it easier for Veterans to connect with their VA care team. This service is transforming how Veterans access high-quality VA care anywhere within the U.S.

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VA Salt Lake City Health Care System supports the Office of Connected Care's vision of using virtual services and technology to integrate care of our Veterans, their caregivers and VA care teams.

Contact your VA provider to help you get started with VA Telehealth Services.

Accessing Telehealth through Local Area Stations (ATLAS)

VA continues to find solutions for Veterans to access their VA care for those who live in rural areas. VA partners with local hospitals, Veteran Service Organizations, and sometimes local businesses to offer ATLAS services. These stations provide the convenience of VA Video Connect (VVC) services closer to the Veteran.

Contact your VA care provider to schedule your next virtual appointments at one of the ATLAS sites listed below.

Learn more:

Bridging the Digital Divide

Nearly 5 million Veterans live in rural areas and need access to care in their communities. Whether it’s because of a provider shortage, distance to a hospital, or lack of broadband, it’s not always easy to get care. To bridge this gap, the VA offers a Digital Divide Consult.

During the consult, a social worker will reach out to the Veteran to discuss available programs that can help them gain access to telehealth.

For example, some Veterans may be eligible for a discount on home internet or phone service through two Federal Communications Commission programs:

Some Veterans may qualify for a VA loaned device so Veterans can reach their VA care team virtually.

Ask your VA provider for a Digital Divide Consult to learn more!

Clinical Video Telehealth

Connect with VA health specialists across the country from a VA clinic near you. Contact your VA care provider to schedule your next telehealth appointment.

Learn more:

Connected Care programs

Read about the latest virtual technology available for Veterans to access your VA care

Remote Patient Monitoring - Home Telehealth

Having easy access to your VA care team is important for your health, but scheduling appointments and traveling to your provider's office can be difficult. Telehealth at home offers services that work with your current care plan, fit your lifestyle and help you stay healthy and independent.

How it works:

  • You are assessed for Home Telehealth remote monitoring services
  • If deemed appropriate, VA provides a device to fit your needs and gives you training on how to use it
  • VA assigns you a Home Telehealth remote monitoring care coordinator
  • Your care coordinator contacts VA hospitals and providers and helps you arrange treatment changes, clinic appointments and hospital admissions

Learn more about Remote Patient Monitoring by calling 801.582.1565 ext. 4835

Talk with your VA care provider further about this service.

Welcome to Home Telehealth

Why is Home Telehealth a Good Choice for You?

VA Advance Directive: Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care and Living Will

Mobile Apps


Annie is an automated text messaging service. It is one of the many VA mobile apps available to help you and your caregiver support your self-care.

Find available health subscriptions and instructions on how Annie can support your self-care by visiting Annie App for Veterans

PTSD: National Center for PTSD

These mobile applications (apps) provide self-help, education and support following trauma. There are treatment companion apps, for use with a health care provider, to make treatment easier. There are apps for iOS and Android devices.

PTSD is a serious mental health condition that often needs professional evaluation and treatment. These apps are not intended to replace needed professional care.


  • PTSD Coach
  • PTSD Family Coach
  • Beyond Military Sexual Trauma

Treatment Companions

  • CPT Coach
  • PE Coach
  • CBT-I Coach

Learn more by visiting PTSD: National Center for PTSD

VA Health and Benefits app

VA Health and Benefits App: One-Stop Shop for Veterans

Since it’s launch in July 2021, more than 1 million Veterans have successfully downloaded this app. VA Health and Benefits mobile app puts VA information and resources at Veterans’ fingertips—anywhere anytime!


Proof of Veteran status

  • At local stores and restaurants, Veterans when logged into the app can easily show status for Veteran discounts and services without any paperwork. It’s easy and convenient.

Easy Login

  • Log in with FaceID or fingerprint

Manage health care on the go

Manage Disability Claims and Appeals

  • Veterans can view the status of VA Disability Claims and Appeals, and upload documents easily to send to VA related to their claim.

View VA payments

  • A feature-Payments- rolled out in April 2022, in the app. It allows Veterans to view Disability Compensation, Pension, and Education payments.

Upcoming Features!

  • VA is continually adding more features to the app. Stay tuned for these new features already in the works:
  • Prescription refill
  • View lab and test results
  • Travel pay reimbursement

Download VA Health and Benefits app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or from the VA Mobile App store.

VA Mobile App Store

Discover and integrate available VA Mobile apps into your life!

Apps are designed to support your self-care and self-management (not for urgent or emergent care). Contact your VA care provider directly for questions specific to your health.

My HealtheVet

With My HealtheVet, you can

MHV Assistance:

My VA Images

What’ My VA Images?

Send secure photos and videos to your VA providers to receive expert health care without visiting a VA facility! (My VA Images use is initiated by your provider).


  • Receive care from your VA provider in the convenience of your home or on the go.
  • Securely upload requested photos and videos for your VA provider to review.
  • Respond to your VA provider’s requests for photos and videos.
  • Send updated information to your VA provider about your condition.
  • Review comments and guidance from your VA provider about the photos and videos you submitted.

When your VA provider authorizes your use of the app as part of your care plan, you will receive an email request to submit photos or videos with a link to My VA Images. The app will guide you through taking the required photos and videos and remind you when they are due.


  • Contact your VA provider to determine whether My VA Images is the right tool to complement your in-person care.
  • To access My VA Images, launch it in a browser or through the link in the email request from your provider.
  • Patients need a My HealtheVet premium account to use My VA Images. If you have questions about upgrading your MHV account, please contact the My HealtheVet Coordinator at your local VA facility or the My HealtheVet Help Desk at 1-877-327-0022 (Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Central Time).
  • Clinical questions regarding your personal health care and medical information, please contact your VA care team directly.
  • In the event of an emergency, call 9-1-1 or the Veterans Crisis Line at 988 then Press 1. Do not use My VA Images.


For 24/7 technical assistance, call the Office of Connected Care Help Desk, or your local VA SLC Telehealth Services listed below.

For TTY assistance dial 711.

TeleDermatology program

What is TeleDermatology?

A technician takes pictures of your skin condition and uploads them into your Electronic Health Record. A dermatologist in a remote location reviews the images, gives a diagnosis, and recommends a treatment plan when needed. 

What can TeleDermatology do?

Diagnosis: Teledermatology can help you and your primary care provider understand what skin condition you have and how to treat it.

Benefits of TeleDermatology

  • Early identification and treatment of certain skin conditions
  • Minimize travel
  • No copay
  • The images will remain in your Electronic Medical Record to monitor progress in your recovery

Limitations to Teledermatology

This program is not appropriate for individuals who need total body exams or those who need immediate care.

How to Request a TeleDermatology Appointment

  1. See your primary care provider (PCP) and discuss your skin condition.
  2. Ask your PCP if a Teledermatology consult is appropriate.

TeleDermatology Brochure (PDF)

TeleEye Screening program

Veterans Health Administration (VHA) widely launched its first telehealth eye screening program in 2006 to initially screen patients for diabetic retinopathy. With VHA’s commitment to prevention of vision impairment in Veterans, the program was expanded to screen those at risk for other conditions that can result in vision loss.

  • TeleEye program now screens for diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.
  • There is NO copay for a TeleEye visit.
  • You will be advised by your care team if eyedrops for pupil dilation are needed.
  • Prescription and eye glasses are NOT provided during the visit.

Schedule your next screening by contacting your VA provider for a TeleEye consult.

Tele Eye Screening Brochure (508)

VA Video Connect (VVC)

VA Video Connect: VA’s Secure Video Visit

Meet with your VA health care provider through a secure video visit on any computer, tablet or mobile device with internet connection!

Contact your VA care provider to schedule your next VA Video Connect appointment.

Learn more about VVC

  • Provide feedback to VA about your VVC experience
  • View helpful guides
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Learn how to test your device before your virtual appointment

Want to invite your Caregiver to your VA video telehealth visits?

Join your VA Video Connect appointment with your VA provider through:

Read more:

Need help setting up or troubleshoot technical problems with your VA Video Connect visits?



For assistance with any of the programs listed above or with video telehealth equipment such as requesting or returning a VA loaned tablet, contact:

VA Salt Lake City Health Care System Telehealth Services
801-582-1565, ext. 4289

Office of Connected Care Help Desk
(24/7 assistance with VVC)