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2024 Veterans Creative Arts Festival

Veterans Creative Arts Festival


Fri. Sep 20, 2024, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm PT


Picnic area, behind building 40

4815 North Assembly Street

Spokane, WA






To receive initial paperwork, please contact Chelsey Pangborn, Recreation Therapist at .

Friday, September 20th, 2024
Set up starts at 10 AM-12PM
Pre-judging starts at 12 PM (Noon)
Public showing 2-4 PM

Mann-Grandstaff VAMC
Spokane, WA
Picnic Area (Behind Building 40)

The NVCAF provides Veterans with an opportunity to acknowledge and/or further explore the powerful healing aspects of The Arts, as well as develop or enhance new creative outlets for the individual’s rehabilitation goals. Injury and illness sometimes greatly affect the way that we experience recreation, and life in general. Art is a great outlet to express ourselves and learn coping techniques whether we’re an established artist or learning to adapt to life’s happenings through different means, which can include adaptive equipment.

There are several “Special Art Categories” available to enter as well. Along with the physical art submission, entries will need to be accompanied by a written statement expressing how the arts have helped them overcome a mental or physical challenge they’ve faced. The hope behind these entries is to inspire other Veterans to utilize the arts as an alternative route to therapy.  

Participants must currently be enrolled in the VA Healthcare System with MGVAMC. Artwork entered must have been created on or after October 1, 2023. Works created years prior are not eligible, unless separately noted in official rules. Staff are welcome to participate as well!

-A Veteran can enter up to three ART categories per division (Visual Art, Music, Creative Writing, Drama, Dance), but ONLY one entry per category per Veteran. You may enter multiple divisions. 
-Paperwork (and all other requirements) can be dropped off/emailed to Chelsey via high quality photo or scan up until August 30th, 2024 (see flier for more details). 
-Participants do not need to be present the day of the show to enter or submit items for display, drop off dates/times available (see flier).
-This is a preliminary event to the National Veterans Creative Arts Competition. Those that place 1st-3rd in their entered categories will be entered into the national competition via a digital portal. National judging will take place in the months following October 1, 2024.