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VA White River Junction health care top stories.

The Solar Eclipse is Coming- Protect those Peepers!

One of the greatest celestial events known to mankind is approaching - and here’s what you need to know if you choose to join in on the spectacle:

crowd safely viewing a solar eclipse with proper eyewear on

No Finish Line: Marine Shreds a Trail of Inspiration (and Powder)

Shredder: a term used by skiers and snowboarders to describe that person you see at a high-speed weaving in and out of others on the mountainside with what appears to be ease. Typically, you see a plume of white dust behind this individual as they carve through the snow faster than the rest.

Colton Carlson, Marine Veteran at Mount Sunapee for the 2024 36th Annual New England Winter Sports Clinic on his sit-ski.

Vietnam Army Nurse takes to the mountain after years of setbacks

To many people, if you were to ask them, “Where do you see yourself at the age of 76?” The response probably wouldn’t be, “Re-learning to downhill ski.”

Gayle Smith at NEWSC with volunteers who helped her learn skills

Life after the military: Strong Man competitor Ian Currie’s search for purpose and healing required a lot of heavy lifting

In 2004 Ian Currie graduated high school and enlisted in the United States Army. After two tours to Iraq he was honorably discharged in 2008 and returned home, but home seemed different.

Veteran Ian Currie spotting and competing

Spring Ahead: A Veterans Path out of Homelessness

Spring is upon us, and signs of hope are felt with every new flower blooming, with every bird chirping and with every ray of sun that is melting the snow away.

Veteran in a GPD program paints his interpretation around his experience of homelessness.

VA clinicians save Pickleball player’s life

It was an unseasonably hot May afternoon in Hartford, Vermont and Maxfield Sporting Complex was busy with lacrosse games, tennis matches and pickleball.

Tannini stands with his heroes who performed life saving CPR in May 2022

Course Correction: an infantry soldier's recovery journey

Take a moment. Picture yourself deploying overseas during wartime with your unit, one you’ve spent every minute with for years. Now imagine returning stateside and your unit is ordered to disband, your brothers and sisters reassigned to different units across the country.

Veterans gather outside and play horseshoes at White River Junction VA Medical Center in Vermont

VA Health Connect Launches at VA White River Junction--Get Immediate help by calling 1-866-687-8387

VA White River Junction launches a single toll-free number, 1-866-687-8387, to connect Veterans to dedicated and aligned clinical and administrative staff 24/7.

Veteran using smart phone

A less invasive procedure now available in Vermont for Veterans susceptible to stroke

In the world of healthcare, everything is evolving and advancing. The more that is accomplished, the more we learn and adjust which is how life expectancy has shifted over the generations.

clinicians stand in vascular suite

Fine tuning and strumming their way to peace of mind

It’s never too late to learn something new, to find a new hobby and surprise yourself with a new skill. Diving into something creative can immerse you into an alternate universe, wiping away barriers and allowing you to see a path less traveled.

Navy Veteran taking guitar lesson from volunteer instructor