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Educational Challenges

Educational challenges can create stress that shows up in many ways. Things like not knowing how to apply your military skills, adjusting to college culture, and affording college can all stem from going back to school or getting additional job training.

Here are resources for Veterans who are experiencing education challenges.

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Education & Training8 Resources

  • Education and Training Benefits
    College tuition assistance, career counseling, and more for Veterans, service members, and qualified family members
  • Other VA Education Benefits
    Information about VA education benefits and programs
  • How to Apply For The GI Bill and Related Benefits
    How to apply for the GI Bill and other VA education benefits as a Veteran, service member, or qualified family member
  • GI Bill Comparison Tool
    Compare your GI Bill Benefits by searching by schools, employers, or training providers
  • GI Bill and Other Education Benefit Eligibility
    GI Bill eligibility to help pay for school, educational and career counseling, and more
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees
    College payment benefits through the GI Bill

Career Resources2 Resources

  • Apply for Personalized Career Planning and Guidance
    Online application to apply for personalized career counseling and support
  • Educational and Career Counseling (VA Chapter 36)
    Personalized career planning and guidance (PCPG) services for Veterans and their dependents

Local Resources & Online Programs1 Resource

  • Moving Forward: "Overcome Life's Challenges Program"
    VA course to help manage life challenges such as stress, relationship challenges, and financial difficulties