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Getting started with VA

Welcome to VA. Whether you transitioned out of service recently or decades agoor you’re the family member or caregiver of a Veteranwe can help you find and apply for the benefits you’ve earned and deserve. We provide benefits to support you throughout your life. Read this page to get started.

For transitioning service members

We can help guide you as you transition from active-duty service or from service in the Guard or Reserve. If you’re transitioning out of service now, you’ll need to act quickly to take advantage of certain time-sensitive benefits. 

Learn about VA benefits for service members

For Veterans

We can help you get started toward your goals at any stage of your journey. Learn more about VA benefit eligibility. Then find out how we can help you with different goals.

What to know about benefit eligibility 

Your eligibility means whether or not you can get a certain VA benefit based on the eligibility requirements set by law. To determine if you’re eligible for each benefit, we consider a different combination of factors like these:

  • Disability rating
  • Service history (including any exposure to toxic substances)
  • Discharge status
  • Medical need
  • Income level

To find out if you’re eligible for each VA benefit, you’ll need to apply. You should know that the 2022 PACT Act law expanded eligibility for VA disability compensation and health care to millions of Veterans. So even if you weren’t eligible in the past, we encourage you to apply today.
Learn more about what the PACT Act means for you

Get support for mental health

We can help you connect with mental health care—no matter your discharge status, service history, or eligibility for VA health care. 

Get started with mental health needs 

File a claim for financial support for a service-connected condition

If you have an illness or injury that was caused—or made worse by—your active-duty service, you could be eligible for tax-free monthly payments. And any disability rating (even 0%) makes you eligible for certain services. So even if you don’t think your condition is severe, we encourage you to file a claim.

File a disability claim

Learn more about disability ratings

Take care of your health and well-being

Veterans enrolled in VA health care are proven to have better health outcomes than those not enrolled. And VA care is often the most affordable option for Veterans. Even if you don’t need care today, you might need it tomorrow, or the next day, or 30 years from now. And once you’re in, you have access for life.

Apply for VA health care

Find out if you’re eligible for discounted private dental insurance through the VA Dental Insurance Program

Go back to school or start a new career

We offer benefits to help with going to college or training programs as well as counseling to help you find a job. If you’re eligible, you can also transfer education benefits to your dependent spouse and children.

Continue your education with the GI Bill or other programs

Get educational and career counseling

Get help finding a job and other career assistance 

Find a place to live

We offer VA home loan programs to help you buy, build, or improve a home or refinance your current home loan. And we offer grants to help you adapt your home for a disability.

Learn how to buy a home with a VA-backed home loan

Learn how to apply for a housing grant for Veterans with certain disabilities

Note: If you’re experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness, call the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans at 877-424-3838. We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’ll talk privately with a trained VA counselor for free.

Plan for your and your family’s future

We offer a range of programs to help you plan for your and your family’s future.

Find out if you’re eligible for Veterans Affairs Life Insurance (VALife)

Find out if you’re eligible for a Veterans Pension

Apply for pre-need eligibility for burial in a VA national cemetery

Learn about benefits for family members and caregivers

For family members

We can help you connect to benefits and health care for spouses, dependents, survivors, and family caregivers.

Learn more about VA benefits for family members and caregivers

Get set up to manage your health and benefits online

Create a free, secure sign-in account and download our mobile app to get started.

Create a or account

Verify your identity to access your personal information

Download the VA: Health and Benefits mobile app from our mobile app store

Get help with VA benefits

Connect with a trained professional who can help you understand and apply for benefits. 

Find out how to contact us online, by phone, or in person

Get help from a VA accredited representative or Veterans Service Organization (VSO)

VA benefits

  • Health care

    Apply for VA health care, find out how to access services, and manage your health and benefits online.

  • Disability

    File a claim for disability compensation for conditions related to your military service, and manage your benefits over time.

  • Education and training

    Apply for and manage your GI Bill and other education benefits to help pay for college and training programs.

Need more help?

MyVA411 main information line: 800-698-2411