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VA Health Administration Center, Denver

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3773 Cherry Creek North Drive
Denver, CO 80209

Phone: 303-331-7500
Fax: 303-331-7800
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Originally established to administer the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs (CHAMPVA) program, the role of the Health Administration Center (HAC) has been expanded to include administration of the Department's Foreign Medical Program, Spina Bifida Healthcare Program and VHA's Mail Management Office. The CHAMPVA program has also expanded to include a medication by mail program and reimbursements to VA medical facilities that see CHAMPVA beneficiaries. Additionally, the Center employs an EDI Project Office that is actively engaged in development of electronic commerce applications for healthcare claims processing. The Center also operates a phone center for beneficiaries and providers.

Having one of the only Federal health benefits programs directly involved in claims processing (Medicare and Tricare both utilize commercial claims processors), the Center has acquired technical expertise available only in the private sector. Through the use of imaging technology and EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) applications, the Center has developed a state-of-the-art claims processing system that is among the most advanced in the industry. Recognizing that unique expertise, additional program assignments have been made to the Center such as the transfer of the Foreign Medical Program, Spina Bifida, Persian Gulf War exam payments.


Phone Center: Monday-Friday 8:05 a.m. to 6:45 p.m. EST (800)733-8387
Phone: 303-331-7500
Fax: 303-331-7800
Mailing address:

        VA Health Administration Center 
        3773 Cherry Creek North Drive
Denver CO 80209 CHAMPVA claims can be sent to: New claims: VA Health Administration Center CHAMPVA Claims PO Box 469064 Denver CO 80246-9064 Applications, other: CHAMPVA PO Box 469063 Denver CO 80246-9063 Appeals: CHAMPVA Attn Appeals PO Box 460948 Denver CO 80246-0948 Foreign Medical Claims can be sent to: FMP PO Box 469061 Denver CO 80246-9061 Spina Bifida Claims can be sent to: Spina Bifida PO Box 469065 Denver CO 80246-9065

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