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Ascending Order Descending Order
Rescinded 012021aa Acting USH Stone PDF 01/20/2021    
Rescinded 012021bb Acting COSVA Diaz PDF 01/20/2021    
Rescinded 012021c Performing Duties as GC Hipolit PDF 01/20/2021    
Rescinded 012021d Acting AS OAWP Cordiero PDF 01/20/2021    
Rescinded 012021e Acting AS OEI Medve PDF 01/20/2021    
Rescinded 012021f Acting USMA Walters PDF 01/20/2021    
Rescinded 012021h Performing Duties as AS HRAOSP Molloy PDF 01/20/2021    
Rescinded 012021i Acting DEPSECVA Clancy PDF 01/20/2021    
Rescinded 012021j Acting Chief VEO Morton PDF 01/20/2021    
Rescinded 012021k Acting AS OCLA Johnson PDF 01/20/2021    
Rescinded 012021l performing duties as AS OPIA Williams PDF 01/20/2021    
Rescinded 012021o Acting AS OIT-CIO Cussatt PDF 01/20/2021    
Expired Notice 17-09 Rescission Of VA Directive 6600, Responsibility of Employees in Protecting Personally Identifiable Information PDF 02/01/2018 12/18/2018 Directive 6600
Expired Notice 18-01 Rescission of VA Handbook 6502.1, Privacy Event Tracking PDF 02/26/2018 03/30/2018 Handbook 6502.1
Expired Notice 20-02 Use of VA Time and Attendance System for the Requesting, Approving, Recording and Tracking of Taxpayer Funded Union Time in VATAS PDF 01/31/2020 01/31/2021 Handbook 5023
Expired Notice 20-09 Interim Policy on Complying with FITARA and SOP PDF 09/17/2020 09/17/2021