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01272022 Designation of Chief Sustainability Officers PDF SECVA 01/27/2022   Designation of Chief Sustainability Officer 05262021
03112022 Asst. Sec OIT--CIO as VA's SAO for Privacy PDF SECVA 03/11/2022 03/11/2026  
06012021 Designation of the Scientific Integrity Official PDF SECVA 06/01/2021    
06012021 Designation of Chief Science Officer PDF SECVA 06/01/2021    
06062022 Designation of Acting General Counsel PDF SECVA 06/06/2022    
07162021 Designation as Deputy to the AUS for Community Care, Performing the Delegable Duties of the DUSH - Upton PDF SECVA 07/16/2021    
07242022 Designation/Delegation for Mr. Jacobs to Perform Delegable Duties as USB PDF SECVA 07/24/2022    
09102021 Principal Executive Director of the Office of Acquisition, Logistics and Construction as VA's Senior Accountable Official PDF SECVA 09/10/2021 09/10/2025  
09162022 Designation of VA SIO for Trusted Workforce 2.0 PDF SECVA 09/16/2022 09/16/2026  
11162021a T. Murphy Performing Delegable Duties as USB PDF SECVA 11/16/2021   POTUS 012021q
11172020 Designation of Department Level Category Managers PDF SECVA 11/17/2020    
12212021 Catherine C. Mitrano as the Designated Agency Ethics Official PDF SECVA 12/21/2021 12/21/2025  
12232022 Desig as DGC for Veterans Programs performing delegable Duties as GC PDF SECVA 12/23/2022    
SECVA 03062020 Designation of Primary and Alternate Designated Agency Ethics Officials PDF SECVA 02/06/2020   Effective Date 6 Feb 2020
SECVA 08252020 Designation of USB to Lead GI Bill Digital Modernization PDF SECVA 08/25/2020 08/25/2024 N/A