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Ascending Order Descending Order
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Ascending Order Descending Order
Rescinded 012021t Designation Performing Delegable Duties as AS HRAOSP Molloy PDF Acting SECVA Tran 01/20/2021 03/28/2021 Replaced by 03242021
Rescinded 012021p Designation as Acting AS OEI Medve PDF POTUS 01/20/2021 04/03/2021 Replaced by 04022021
Rescinded 012021b Designation of Hipolit as Acting GC PDF Acting SECVA Tran 01/20/2021 01/20/2023  
Rescinded 05272021 Designation of ED, OAEM as Chief Sustainability Officer PDF SECVA 05/26/2021 05/25/2025  
Rescinded SECVA 10052020 Designation as COSVA-DepSec PDF SECVA 10/05/2020    
Rescinded SECVA 04162020 Designation as Acting Deputy Secretary PDF SECVA 04/16/2020    
Rescinded SECVA10142020 Brooks Tucker Performing Delegable Duties as COSVA PDF SECVA 10/14/2020    
Rescinded 04102020 Designation of PDGC Performing duties as GC PDF SECVA 04/10/2020    
Rescinded 12162020 Designation of Karen Brazell performing delegable Duties as ASOEI PDF SECVA 12/16/2020    
Rescinded 012021q Designation as Acting USB Murphy PDF POTUS 01/20/2021    
Rescinded 012021r Designation as Acting DEPSECVA Clancy PDF POTUS 01/20/2021    
Rescinded 012021s Designation as Acting AS OAWP Cordeiro PDF POTUS 01/20/2021    
Rescinded 012021u Designation as Acting Chief VEO Morton PDF Acting SECVA Tran 01/20/2021    
Rescinded 012021v Designation as Acting USMA Walters PDF Acting SECVA Tran 01/20/2021    
Rescinded 012023w Designation as Acting AS OIT-CIO Cussatt PDF Acting SECVA Tran 01/20/2021    
Rescinded 012021x Designation as Acting AS OCLA Johnson PDF Acting SECVA Tran 01/20/2021    
Rescinded 03192021 Acting ED, Center for Minority Veterans PDF COSVA 03/19/2021    
Rescinded 03192021a Acting ED, Center for Women Veterans PDF COSVA 03/19/2021    
Rescinded 03242021 Designation as Acting AS, HRA/OSP Mayo PDF SECVA 03/24/2021   Designation of Molloy 012021t
Rescinded 04022021 Acting A/S OEI - Dat Tran PDF SECVA 04/02/2021   012021p
Rescinded 07162021 Designation as Deputy to the Deputy Under Secretary for Health, Performing the Delegable Duties of the USH - Lieberman PDF SECVA 07/16/2021    
Rescinded 08272021 Dr. Evans Designation Performing Delgable Duties Asst Secy for IT and CIO PDF SECVA 08/27/2021   SECVA 012023w Cussat
Rescinded 08272021 S. Lieberman as the Deputy to the DUSH, Acting USH PDF SECVA 08/27/2021    
Rescinded 11162021 S. Lieberman Performing Delegable Duties as USH PDF SECVA 11/16/2021   SECVA 08272021
Rescinded 06222022 Designation of Acting A/S OPIA PDF SECVA 06/22/2022    
Rescinded 07242022 Designation/Delegation for Mr. Jacobs to Perform Delegable Duties as USB PDF SECVA 07/24/2022    
Rescinded 08122022 Acting Chairman BVA - Kenneth Arnold PDF SECVA 08/12/2022    
Rescinded 03232023 Designation as Acting DEPSECVA Kiyokawa PDF SECVA 03/23/2023    
Rescinded 03312023 Designation as Acting ASOEI Love-Holmon PDF SECVA 03/31/2023    
Rescinded 09202023 Designation as Acting Chief of Staff Law PDF SECVA 09/20/2023