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Recently-funded Gulf War Illness Research Studies


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Impact of Exercise Training on Pain and Brain Function in Gulf War Veterans 

Memory and Mood Enhancing Therapies for Gulf War Illness

rTMS for the Treatment of Chronic Pain in GW1 Veterans

MEG Synchronous Neural Interactions (SNI) in Gulf War Veterans


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Congressionally-Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP)

FY12 Award Applications Recommended for Funding

The following CDMRP Gulf War Illnesses Research Program (GWIRP) projects were approved for funding in early 2009.

Project No. Project Title
DOD-GW110019 Effectiveness of Acupressure Treatment for Pain Management and Fatigue Relief in Gulf War Veterans. 
DOD-GW110034 Abnormalities in Human Brain Creatine Metabolism in Gulf War Illness Probed with MRS. 
DOD-GW110044 Identifying Immune Drivers of Gulf War Illness Using a Novel Daily Sampling Approach. 
DOD-GW110054 Intranasal Insulin: A Novel Treatment for Gulf War Multisymptom Illness. 
DOD-GW110065 Efficacy of Treatments Tried: A Survey of Gulf War Veterans. 






Establishing a 1991 Veterans Research Network to Improve Characterization of Gulf War Illness and Provide a National Resource for Veterans and Investigators.

Organophosphate-Related Alterations in Myelin and Axonal Transport in the Living Mammalian Brain.

Biomarker Discovery in Gulf War Veterans: Development of a War Illness Diagnostic Panel